Saturday history was made. Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson successfully defended his UFC Flyweight title for the 11th time. Breaking the previous record of 10 title defenses held by former middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Of the current UFC champions I don't see any of them breaking DJ's record. I'm not sure if anyone will break his record. I'm writing this as if its the end of the streak. No way. Demetrious still has a lot left to give. I'm looking forward to see how long he can actually extend this record to. For now. He has solidified that he is in fact the best pound for pound mixed martial artist. 

I was planning on going to Beetle House LA with Taryn. Things didn't go as planned. Which was totally fine with me. I picked her up around 6:30. She bought me a redbull. Respect. We ventured off to Long Beach to hang out with some friends before the bar. The parking situation was shit. We drove around the neighborhood like 4 times before finding a legit spot. On that last stroll through the neighborhood Taryn said she felt that a spot would appear and sure enough one did!! I'm so glad we parked close!! I love that Travis, Dalton, and Amanda always treat you so nice whenever they host you. The fridge is always stocked with good stuff. Peering in to the fridge I had so many choices. I wanted a coke, but they had surge. They also had capri sun! Those are op! I love top tier so I went with the capri sun! We played this card game coolcats and asshats. I just googled the card game just to make sure I had the right one. It didn't feel like we were playing the game right. I looked at the rules and we were definitely playing it wrong haha. I was so tired because of work. I laid down and passed out watching random YouTube videos. It was pretty late. I was trying to leave Long Beach, but the freeway exit was closed and Taryn and I had to take the longest detour ever. It literally took us across the city just to find an open freeway entrance. Driving through the city reminded me of when I worked in Long Beach. Some dark times in my life. 

Sunday I slept in and it felt so good. I planned on being at Disneyland at 1:00pm, but that didn't work out. I lagged so hard. I had to do some laundry. I played a little of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I still suck at that game, but I'm learning every day. Brett showed up and it was time to roll out. I don't know why, but I always stop in the magic shop. Even if I know Johnny isn't there. Most of the time its a quick stop if Johnny or Will aren't there. I got a lot of messages asking about Lisa. I don't know anyone named Lisa. Those posts were just lyrics from Makeout's song "Lisa"

I'm home now just relaxing. This is going to be a long week. I hope it goes by quick! I go on vacation next week! There will be no interruption in the posting schedule. I'll actually be more active on here. So get ready for that. Yes, MNAD is going on tomorrow. It's going to be another special one! 

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow!  




The book picks up with Phasma still in pursuit of Rivas. Her plan was to shoot his ship down, but her pilot informed her that the reason her fighter was docked was because it didn't have the ability to shoot anyone down. It appearedthat the BB Droid didn't finish the repairs before they took off in pursuit of Rivas. Phasma decides to go stealth and follow him to wherever he goes. Rivas lands on the planet of Luprora. Little is known about the planet. 

Phasma and her pilot find Rivas' fighter. It appears that he didn't crash land. They guess that it was probably because he ran out of fuel. After destroying communications on Rivas' ship they follow his foot prints. They find that he got into a fight with an unknown creature. Off in the distance they find an abandoned dwelling and a village not too far off. Phasma and her pilot enter the dwelling to find clothes. They wanted to try to blend in and not walk around in their armor. There is two panels of Phasma taking off her helmet and setting it down. I'm freaking out because we've never seen her without her helmet on. My hands start to sweat as I turn the page. I'm wondering if she's going to be a blonde cutie. I flip the page and shes completely changed into new armor. Such a tease. 

Heading to the village they're walking on this shoreline. All of a sudden this kraken appears and drags Phasma underwater while knocking her pilot back. There is a brief struggle before Phasma just stabs it in the face. Pretty gangster if you ask me. The villagers are pleased with her prowess. The leader wanted to speak to Phasma. He was impressed by her skills. After giving a brief history of his people. He tells Phasma that Rivas who he thinks is our friend. Was taken to this island that is surrounded by a ton of krakens. I'm not sure if the leader gave her that information just so we could "save" our friend Rivas? Or maybe they just want Phasma to kill all the krakens so his people can live in peace. Phasma is determined to get Rivas. Next issue I'm guessing they're going to find him on that island pictured in the last panel. 

Issue 2 was fun. I really like the pacing of the book. They just get right into the meat and potatoes of this story. It's cool to think that the build up of this book is Episode VII. Thank you Kelly Thompson and Marco Checchetto for killing it again! Thank you too! Thanks for reading my recap of this book! We'll be back next week with a recap of issue 3!! 




Welcome to the spooky edition of MNAD! How awesome is it that the thirteenth edition landed in the month of October!? I definitely didn't plan this. So cool how things work out sometimes. 

We've done this thirteen times and now I can confidently say we have a solid group rolling out every Monday. I use to get the normal people that would find me in the park just to say hi or ask for a picture. But I've got some awesome friends that have been rolling out consistently. Thank you Brett and Taryn for making Monday nights even more enjoyable! 

Brett and Taryn got to the park before me. They were in Tomorrowland when I arrived. I planned to meet them there. On my way I stopped in the magic shop. I had to pay my respects. Its always nice seeing Johnny and Will. I always stay longer than I should. Its crazy how much fun I have just bullshitting with the guys. I lagged pretty hard. Brett and Taryn eventually met me at the magic shop. I was bummed that I lagged. They were showing off some new tech in the launch bay and I missed it. Sad day. 

I was so hungry. Luckily Brett and Taryn were too. We decided on pizza for dinner. I kinda felt bad because we walked all the way back to Tomorrowland to get dinner. I should have just met them there and saved them the trip back. I got the Mars-inara with meatballs. I can honestly say that I never knew the proper name of the dish. I just assumed it was spaghetti and meatballs. Nope I was just being common. After dinner we couldn't decide on what to do. I suggested going to DCA. I didn't really want to go to DCA for DCA. I wanted to go there just to see Raven. 

We decided that we should ride Guardians. The wait time was 105 minutes. Yeah....that wasn't going to happen. I checked Instagram and saw that Raven was in Carsland. I told Brett and Taryn that we had to go find her. We just waltzed on in and there she was. I'm such a fan, but meeting her at that time just didn't feel right. It's hard to explain. The first time she flew out I dropped the ball by taking the week off from MNAD. After that I promised myself that next time she flew out I would be there. I was supposed to be at her meet and greet, but I couldn't get the day off from Absolute. I figured it would be cool just to show up late, but it wasn't. I hated that I worked that day. I wish I could have been with her all day. So instead of showing up late. I just didn't show. I literally just walked by her. It didn't feel right and I wanted my first impression to be a good one. So for sure for sure next time we're taking the day off and going to hang with her all day. 

I wanted a cool group photo. On our way out of Carsland we stopped at the Carsland sign for a cool photo op. I guess Johnny wanted chocolate. So we stopped by Ghiradelli for some free chocolate. We didn't stop there. We also got free sourdough bread. When we walked in. The guy handing out the bread was massaging his own arm. I asked him if he wanted Brett to massage it for him. He declined. Taryn thought she knew the history of the sourdough bread. So we took her over to the trivia machine. I think she failed on her first question lol.

Back in Disneyland. We dropped off the kontraband and headed to The Haunted Mansion. The wait time said 60 minutes. It definitely wasn't or at least it didn't feel like it. Maybe having my awesome friends with me it made the time fly by. This was the first time I was riding it this season. I'm always so stoked to see the new gingerbread house in the ballroom. This years gingerbread house blew me away. Taryn sent me a video of it last time she was there, but the video didn't do it justice. This photo of it doesn't do it justice. Please go check it out in person if you can. It's amazing. 


We ended the night with Pirates of the Caribbean. We just wanted to see the redhead. It's sad that they're changing that scene. In the mean time we will appreciate this moment in time. Going on pirates at night after a long day isn't good for me. I'm not sure if Brett or Taryn noticed me dozing off. I was so tired and happy to call it a night after that. I love that all of us parked in the Toy Story lot. So we didn't have to say our good byes at the park. 

Sometimes I can't believe we're already at MNAD XIII! This thing (I don't even know what to call it) has grown into something so cool. I tell everyone. If you're free Monday night come over. Things are so chill and ANYTHING can happen. People drone about Mondays. This is a good way to end the first night of the week and set the tone for the rest of it. 


Thank you for reading. I appreciate it soooooo much. MNAD will return next week for Taryn's name day. So exciting!! Until next time! 





Waking up in October is such a great feeling. I’m happy summer is over. I’m looking forward to this month so much. So many awesome things going on!!  

I get to celebrate my one year living in House Calendula. Super stoked about that. I’ve lived in Orange County for 8 years. Every year I moved into a new place. I’ve only had two living situations that I loved. The first one was with my buddy Jon Ikemura. I will never forget those times. Second is House Calendula. I’m excited that the bond we share is tested and true. 

The second week of October I’m flying to New York with Timmy, Tommy, and Johnny. I’ve been friends with Timmy since my first year in Orange County. I told him that I wanted to go on a real vacation with him. That’s basically how this trip started to come together. Stoked that Tommy is coming along. He has his own cool energy and it will be great to have him around. Also Johnny is my boy. It’s always a pleasure hanging out. Especially when he’s not behind the counter at the magic shop. 

The return of The Halloween Party is happening! We were all really down that we had to cancel it last year. We didn’t realize how long it would take to settle in. It’s been a full year and we’re still not completely settled in. We’re like 95% there. So it’s definitey happening. It’s going to be awesome to have friends over for the party. Costume is a requirement. Dress up and come over. 

All month long we’re watching Halloween movies. Next week the Disney Movie Club is back on. We’re getting together to watch Hocus Pocus! Make sure to stay updated on all my social media for more details on that!  

Once again thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate all of you so much!  




Monday night was short but sweet. Due to Mickey’s Halloween Party. Disneyland closed super early. So we wanted to make the most out of the couple of hours we had left in Disney California Adventure. This time I wasn’t flying solo. I had a solid group this time. Big Dick Brett, Felix, and Johnny Wonder. We met on the compass. Then made our way to DCA.

Felix wanted to see the headless horseman. So we stopped to take a picture. On Buena vista street I saw this group dressed up as characters from Frozen. I had to stop them to get a picture. I have a soft spot for anything Frozen. The group was cool with taking a picture with me. For some reason my friends were shy and I had to beg them to come take my picture. I’m a little more out going than them sometimes. I guess I can see why they were acting shy, but we were in Disneyland!!

We didn’t really have a plan. So we headed toward Guardians. The wait time was way longer than any of us were willing to deal with. We pressed on to bugs land. I noticed this really pretty girl with green hair. I had to meet her. My friends started to lag. I think they were doing it on purpose because they didn’t want to get out in a situation. I lost sight of green hair girl in cars land. Kinda got over it. Johnny wanted to get free chocolate. We went to Ghiradelli’s.

I’m a dick. Whenever they hand me the free chocolate. I ask the cast member if the chocolate is vegan friendly. Most of the time they have no clue. Just being there I decided I wanted ice cream. I got mint chocolate chip. Brett got a root beer float. Felix got cookies. They had a bogo deal going on. I honestly can’t remember what Johnny got. We headed towards the pier. We stopped right where it started near the little coffee cart. I was wearing a Twitching Tongues shirt and Felix said their hype died out. We got into it. Went back and forth about it. Somehow the conversation evolved into a discussion about punk rock. At that point I had to tune out. I’m not really into the bands they were talking about. Time wasn’t on our side. We wanted to hit at least one ride. We decided on The Little Mermaid. That ride is always chill.

After that I remembered that Andy asked if I could try to find him rose gold Minnie ears. I looked everywhere. No place had them. They’re supposed to be sold out until October. That’s a wrap on the 12th installment of Monday Nights At Disneyland. It was short this week, but I checked the park hours for the next installment and they’re regular hours. There will definitely be more to talk about next time! The Disney Dorm will be in town and I need to cross her off my list of favorite Disney people to meet! Thank you Brett, Felix and Johnny for joining me!! Until next time!




I asked Taryn to set me up with her friend who shall remain nameless. Taryn suggested a group hang at Disneyland. That seemed like a good idea! 

Fast forward to the morning of. I awake from my deep slumber. I have two text messages from Big Dick Brett. He wanted to inform me that he would be joining me on my quest for the princess. That info gave +5 to all my stats leading to the hang. 

We hella lagged. I managed to sneak a few sets of Street Fighter V in before we left. After a hotdog and a cheeseburger later. We finally arrived. 

I will admit that I wasn't too keen on a group hang. Besides all the fans and my close friends. I'm usually misunderstood. So at first people usually get the wrong impression of me. I figured since I had Brett and Taryn with me. It wouldn't be so bad.

Things started off ok. Actually I lied. Things never really went anywhere.. Which is totally fine. Not everyone gets my vibe. Taryn apologized because she was backing me so hard. I told her she didn't have to apologize. Even with the stat buff I received before the raid. I wasn't properly equipped.

We were on our way out. Big Dick Brett was tired and I was ready to be home. We cross paths with the girl who stood me up on Friday. I pretended not to see her. Brett was freaking out because he knew about her. Brett and I decided to grab a bite to eat. Sure enough the girl who stood me up texts me. She wanted to meet up and make up for what happened on Friday. I passed on that and decided to just go home.

I'm such a weirdo and was kinda  down on the hang. All I could think about during that time is the Ultra Gold Akuma I beat that morning. The set ups that worked the ones that didn't.

Thats it for the blog today! Thank you again for stopping by! It's been a minute, but daily blogs are back and I still love all of you!!!




I don't know how, but this Seaway album has me so stoked. I've listened to Apartment a million times. The music video is awesome. You should watch it right now. 

I can't wait to see them at the end of the month!! I get to see them two nights in a row. It's going to be wild. The last time I saw them it was an off date. They were actually here in Orange County recording Vacation. It was a cool show. Since it was an off date. They played a bunch of songs they normally don't play. Plus they sounded really good that night. I went alone. I think I was on the list that night. I honestly can't remember if I was or not. During Seaway's set someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned around and it was my friend Andy Weaver. We were both surprised to see each other. He motioned that we would talk after the set. Once Seaway finished I met Andy outside. He said he was watching peoples Instagram stories and saw mine right after I posted it. That is why he came up to me during their set. We both laughed at being at Chain together. We literally were at work together a few hours earlier. Andy was there with our friend Riley who knew the guys in Seaway from a tour they were previously on. It rained a little bit while we were hanging outside. It was such a random moment in time. I normally go to pop punk shows alone. It was nice to be with some friends. 




I'm so excited for The Last Jedi! I can't believe we're only a couple of months out. This is book is exactly what I needed to hold me over until the movie is released. 

Lets jump back to the build of The Force Awakens. The marketing was awesome. So exciting to see new characters in this amazing universe. One character I was very interested in was Captain Phasma. Mainly because I'm a huge fan of Gwendoline Christie. Who also appears in the best tv show ever, Game of Thrones. When I finally got to watch The Force Awakens. I was sad about her minimal role in the movie. I was expecting her to do some bad ass stuff. I was left with wanting more from the character.  Then the announcement of this comic book happened!! I was very pleased to see that Kelly Thompson was going to be the writer. I'm a huge fan of her work. I loved her work on A-Force and I'm currently reading Hawkeye! To sweeten the pot even more when it comes to this book. Marco Checchetto is the penciler! I love his variant cover for Jessica Jones #8. Actually I just appreciate his work in general. He's so good. Please check out his work!

This book brings us back to the final moments of The Force Awakens. Captain Phasma makes her way out of the trash compactor. She is hell bent on finding out exactly how the Starkiller base defenses were penetrated. Eventually she finds out it was Lieutenant Sol Rivas who betrayed the first order and lowered the Starkiller base shields. Captain Phasma spots Lieutenant Sol Rivas leaving Starkiller base. She follows in pursuit. When she makes it outside. She actually walks by Kylo Ren and Rey during their lightsaber duel. Which is so cool because in the movie we're so hyper focused on their duel that nothing around really mattered. Lieutenant Sol Rivas steals one of their fighter ships and escapes. Captain Phasma isn't pleased. She gets in a fighter to pursue Lieutenant Sol Rivas. In the fighter we get a glimpse of a black BB unit. Kinda cool. 

Great first issue. I'm really loving this new Star Wars book. Issue two is out on 9/20/17 I can't wait for that. Until next time!! 

p.s. peep the shop




I'm still upset about last week. I know I let everyone down. I thought it would be cool to take the day off and catch up on some stuff at home. I literally didn't catch up on anything. I just passed out. I wasn't upset about not getting anything done. I was so bummed because my favorite Disney girl was in town from Florida. Out of all the days I decided to take off. It had to be that one. No more weeks off. 

This week I got to the park way earlier than I usually do. Thanks to the holiday! As soon as I walked into the park I checked out what was available on MaxPass. I booked a fastpass for Big Thunder. I had time to kill. So I went on Astro Blasters. The line was pretty long. Not too surprised because the park was pretty busy. Last time I was on Astro Blasters I posted a Instagram story joking about beating my imaginary girlfriend. People were going nuts over it. I don't really have a girlfriend. This time I decided to reference that joke again. I'm glad all of you enjoyed it. Afterwards I went to the castle to try to get a picture. Unfortunately the marching band was about to roll up. So I decided to come back later. By then it was time to use my fastpass. I walked right on Big Thunder. Waiting to board the train. This girl behind me asked to look at my pins. I was down. I'm proud of the pins I've collected. I have an Aladdin theme lanyard. This girl was so jazzed about my pins. She was with her boyfriend. While she was examining my pins. She kept telling him that he had to buy her pins. It was pretty funny. I hope she gets her pins!!

Today I did two things I've never done before at the park. I know you're probably surprised that there are things that I haven't done!

The first thing I did was board The Columbia! I don't know why I've never been on it. It's like that instagram follower that always shows you love, but you don't ever hang out. I was pretty jazzed about being on it. I took some cool photos. I didn't go downstairs. I wanted a reason to come back! The second thing I did was go on The Little Mermaid. You're probably confused because you know I've been on it before. This time was new. It was so busy that they had to use the entire queue! The ride is usually just a walk on. I was texting and I just walked in line. I didn't realize how long it was. I didn't want to get out because I wanted to experience the whole line. Even though the full queue was open. The line went by pretty fast. One thing I love about Disneyland is that there is always something new to do. The park is always changing! 

I was starving. I went to get a slice of pizza. They were advertising a special summer meat lovers pizza. Honestly it was way over priced. I could have gotten a whole pizza outside of the park for the price I paid for one slice. 

Maxpass seriously rules. I got a fastpass for Midway Mania. The wait time for stand by was 80 minutes. There was no way I was going to wait in line for that. It was cool that I got to use my fastpass. While in the fastpass line I booked another fastpass for California Screamin'. Such a cool feature! Fuck riding Midway Mania by yourself. I couldn't do anything of the secrets and I got the lowest score I've ever gotten. :( 

I went back to Disneyland. Johnny was working and I wanted to drop off some merch that he had purchased. Yes I will deliver my merch to you. Only if you live local or want to meet up somewhere local. I have a special discount code you can use when you check out to waive the shipping charges. Also thank you to all of you that purchased my merch today! It was cool to see you taking time out your holiday to check out the shop. It means so much to me that you're supporting me. 

That is it for this installment of Monday Nights At Disneyland! We'll be back next week. Same park. Same time. Lets ride something!!





First off I want to express my condolences to everyone suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

Thanks man, appreciate your thoughtfulness. Yeah, it's been a long time since a storm hit where Harvey did. While there was a lot of rain and wind in Austin, we're lucky because we're 200 miles inland and also just out of the path of the really bad stuff. Our friends in Houston and along the coast, however, definitely were not as fortunate, and I was really worried about them for a few days. But, it seems like everyone I know made it though okay. Although, some lost their homes and all of their belongings.  They're used to storms and floods there, but no one has ever seen anything like this. Hopefully we never will again. We're going to do what we can to help everyone there get back on their feet. I feel that Texas, though this tragedy, has been given a chance to show the world what we're actually about and who we really are. A lot of help is needed down on the coast and in Houston, but we're going to do our part as well.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us your role in Unexpressed?

Well, my name is Jordan. I've lived in Central Texas and the Austin area for most of my life. I do vocals and it's definitely my first time fronting a band. I'd been going to shows, booked shows and been involved in various ways in the scene for a while. But, I never saw myself being in a band until my best friend (and our guitarist) Marko Angelo Del Toro convinced me to front a band with him. I'm very glad he did, because I have a lot of things to say and a lot of energy inside that I need an outlet for. But, my cautious personality and overall shyness would often get in the way of expressing those thoughts and feelings. It's kind of the reason why I loved having Unexpressed as a band name. It's the title of a Turning Point deep cut, but also captures the overall theme of what we're trying to do with the band. 

Where would you say Unexpressed is from? In the tags on your bandcamp there are a couple of different cities tagged. 

Well, officially we are from Austin and the Rio Grande Valley (the farthest south part of TX, right next to Mexico). Marko, Gunner (our bassist) and I currently live in Austin; while Jessie (or drummer) is in the Valley. However, Gunner is originally from Houston and also Marko is from the Valley as well. So, we're ultimately just a Texas band!

I have to say that Unexpressed is my favorite track off the demo. When I read the lyrics while listening to the song. I didn't want it to end. I had to put it on repeat. The words of the song can be applied to any aspect of life, not just hardcore. Which is why it is special to me. Which song on the demo has the most meaning for you?

I'm really glad you like that song. I really like how it starts off the album and how it has a catchy but expansive sound. I wondered how people would react to it at first, as it (lyrically and vocally) exists in a purgatory between being an intro (in the traditional instrumental sense) and a song. The words are kind of a mission statement, with four lines that each capturing a different idea that I feel is important in living a life that is good to others and also to yourself. 

It's kind of difficult to really pick one song over another right now, as the songs are still new to me and I put a lot of myself into the lyrics. Each song reflects a theme that's important to me in a different way. Maybe the song I feel most attached to is Another World. It's certainly a political song, but I tried to write it in a way that won't become dated with time. It was cool that a lot of bands in the 80's called out Reagan for being a piece of crap, but it's hard for me to get that into a song written specifically about him in 2017. The same will be true of any songs that mention Trump by name 20 years from now. While the people in power in this administration are horrible ghouls who are absolutely terrible in every way you could imagine, they are not in and of themselves the entire problem. The problem is the structural racism and white supremacy that still infects this country at every level today and enables people like them to amass power, no matter how much people want to think (or wish) it does not. The problem is horrific economic inequality. The problem is a country that actively oppressed Latin America (and later, the Middle East and Southeast Asia) for decades and then tries to slam the door and criminalize people when come here to seek the opportunities that the United States helped to deny them in their countries of origin. The problem is a justice system that imprisons Black, Brown and Indigenous Americans at rates far greater than White Americans that commit the same crimes (and also fails to acknowledge the roles that racism and inequality play in those trends as well), all so private prison companies can deliver bigger profits to please their shareholders. The problem, honestly, is unfettered capitalism, with few getting obscenely wealthy while many struggle just to get by. These problems go beyond our borders and our lifespans. These problems will still be there when the Trump Administration is finally over. They'll still be there even with Progressive Democrats in charge. They have to be challenged and fought at every turn and on every level until they are abolished and a new and better system can be constructed. One that honors everyone as equally human and equally deserving of a dignified existence. That's the message I try to convey in this song.

Also, I love this song a lot musically. Style wise, it is totally my vibe and my ideal favorite type of hardcore song. I just really love Marko's riffs. It helps that we almost entirely like the same music.

Also the song Elevate stuck out to me too. I love the unity aspect of hardcore. I just hate how sometimes people are afraid to stand up for whats right. The lyrics "Never compromise. Or give up your ground. Stand up for inclusion and they won't be around. Never compromise. Don't walk away from this fight. I won't apologize. For speaking up for what's right." are a breath of fresh air. I hope kids hear this song and take action and stand up for whats right when the time comes

There was a point in my life where I realized that I don't really believe in unity among the entire aggressive rock scene as something aspirational or even technically possible. That doesn't mean I don't believe the principles of "unity" shouldn't be applied in your daily life or within your local community. It's absolutely key to being a decent person and not an asshole. It's just that there are actual huge cultural and political rifts within the scene, and essentially I believe being inclusive and welcoming to anyone regardless of the person they were born to be takes precedence over the idea that I should have a sense of unity (a.k.a. tolerance) toward those who don't believe in that (a.k.a. the intolerant). It's a less extreme version of the debate that is playing out in the political hellscape of the United States in 2017. As much as "hardcore" wants to think it's a separate culture from the greater culture we live in, it's really more of a microcosm of it. If that wasn't the case, we still wouldn't have Nazis forming punk bands. The key is to keep that crap out of the part of the greater hardcore/punk scene that you and those in your community consider to be yours.

Okay, I went off to the side a little bit there, so now to talk about Elevate. Dress Code already wrote the best song ever questioning the entire narrative around unity ("I Disagree"). Thus, Elevate is more about facing down the intolerant, backward, outwardly violent and dis-inclusive elements within the scene that need to be addressed. Also, it can be interpreted to be about the larger issues we face and a call for action right now in the age of Trump and the rise of American Fascism. Because, as I mentioned earlier, hardcore reflects the good and bad in society. My hope is that it can do as much as it can to reflect the good, so much that it becomes an actual tangible force to fight against the bad on a larger scale. I've seen some noticeable signs of that happening in the scene where I live in Texas, especially since the election, and it gives me hope. 

I'm really into the cover of the demo. Who and where was this photo taken? 

It was taken at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. About 60 miles north of El Paso, Texas. A truly incredible place. I love the American West. Marko and I made a detour to stop there on a road trip to California last year. We stuck around for sunset and got some really awesome photos, including that shot of me which he took. It was a day I'll never forget.

You can buy the demo on https://unexpressed.bandcamp.com/ but will there be a physical release of the demo? Maybe some sweet shirts? 

We definitely plan a physical release in the near future. Not sure yet who we'll work with on that, or what format it will be in. One of our goals is also to do a 7" sometime within the next year. We will definitely have shirts and with the design talent in the band (Marko and Jessie both kill it) I'm hopeful that they will be sick. We wanted to get the album recorded and play a few shows first before making merch, but we're definitely talking about doing things our own way and creating our own visual vibe with the stuff that we make. Looking forward to it.

Do you have a first show planned?

Technically, we've played 2 shows already right at the start of summer. Our first show was in Austin, booked by Victor from I Hate I Skate (the sickest little HC/Punk label in the world, honestly) with the almighty O.N.E. and some of the best bands from our area: The Real Cost, Nosferatu, Enemy One and Sass. It went pretty well I think considering it was our first show. A lot of our friends made it out and it was at Barracuda, which is a chill downtown venue that has been unexpectedly kind and helpful to the young punk scene here in Austin. The second was a pretty random show a couple nights later at a punk house in Third Ward, Houston after the first day of Summer Breeze (which is low key already one of the sickest fests in North America) that our friend Derek from Houston put together. It was...an experience, but a good experience, personally, because I'm used to house shows with a bunch of weirdos from growing up around Austin. So I just let myself have a lot of fun during our set. After that we all split to different parts of this gigantic state for the summer, and decided to record the demo before playing a lot of shows. Now the demo is done, and here we are. Our first show in a while is a benefit for hurricane victims on Saturday, September 9th in San Antonio with some of the best bands and people from that wonderful city (I've been a huge Spurs fan pretty much entire life, so that helps boost my feelings for the place, also).

I know there are only four months left in the year. What are the chances of seeing Unexpressed in Southern California before the end of the year? Or do you have plans for 2018? 

The chances are decent, actually! We want to do a California run during the Winter Break, right after the holidays. I have a lot of friends in California, it's the only other place I've lived in my adult life (Los Angeles, for a temporary job) and the people I've met in the state (especially Southern California) have always shown me almost unconditional acceptance and extraordinary kindness. Also, a lot of my all time favorite bands are from Southern California. Our original idea for Unexpressed was to mix our two favorite hardcore vibes: Turning Point/Wide Awake type stuff and 80's/Early 90's Orange County Hardcore. CA is absolutely the first out of state area I want Unexpressed to go and we can't wait to rock with my friends there.

I love Texas hardcore. RIP TRUTH

I ask you from time to time about what new Texas bands I should keep an eye on. I think it is that time again. Who should we be listening to from Texas? 

I'm glad you asked about new bands, because the hardcore scene in general really needs to return to focus on helping young bands and young people in the scene grow and thrive so that it can persist in the future. A great thing about the HC/Punk scene in Texas is that we have several thriving scenes in different cities that are diverse in almost every respect. Not just different styles of bands, but also with greater than normal involvement of POC, LGBTQ persons and women in our scenes. A solid majority of TX bands have one or more POC members. And hardcore kids here tend to be socially aware and progressive, which is good because the hardcore scene here definitely needs to contrast with and stand against the right wing shit show that is Texas politics. It's also great that the different local scenes in Texas all support each other and there are many friendships between kids in different cities.

I'll start with Austin, because the scene here has really become something else. It's strongly punk focused, so we're connected more with some places in the HC scene than others, but we also have a lot of different styles among the new bands here. You should definitely check out anything on the I Hate I Skate roster. Victor consistently finds the best young bands in this city to boost. THE REAL COST have meant a lot to Austin in the past couple of years, and they're part of a new era some of the sickest bands ever: NOSFERATU, ENEMY ONE, ARMY, SASS, LITTLE FISH and SKELETON are all badass in their own way. Since Austin is different, you'll find most their demos on Youtube instead of Bandcamp. Also, Juan Carlos from IMPALERS and STRUTTER puts on a sick fest every January called This Is Austin, Not That Great that is absolutely worth traveling for. And, of course, GLUE is still one of the best bands ever.

Houston has been absolutely killing it lately. Some of my favorite recent and new bands from there to check are DRESS CODE, THE POSE, ERUPT, PRIVATE EYE, SKOURGE, NARROW HEAD and GUTZ. San Antonio has the eternally underrated AFFLICTIVE NATURE and the almighty BLOODHOUND along with THE UNIT, SURPLUS, STACKED AGAINST, SUDDEN ATTACK and some new bands in the works to look out for. DFW (North Texas) is kind of in a rebuilding phase right now, but KEPT IN LINE, CREEPING DEATH and RAZORBUMPS (Denton in general) are holding it down up there and I'm sure it'll have more good stuff soon. Also, our drummer Jessie is in a new band from the Rio Grande Valley called ARACNIDO that I'm pretty excited about. The Valley is awesome. A lot of bands don't tour down there unless they're going to/from Mexico, but they should.

And, while they're not from TX, a lot of us think of O.N.E. (OVERLOAD OF NATURAL ENERGY) as an honorary Texas band and their 8 song demo on Advanced Perspective is totally my favorite thing that's been released this year. It's so sick that Unexpressed's first show was with them.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. If you want to plug anything. The floor is yours.. 

Thanks for hitting me up man! I'm really stoked on the rest of 2017 and especially 2018. I'd like to say that, while people can get a weird perception of what Texas is like when they've never really been out here, a lot of people here are really good. And, the younger generation here is way different than the older ones politically and culturally. It's that youth-driven desire that's giving us a huge break with a lot of the cultural negatives that this state has had over the years. Organizations like Workers Defense are doing a lot of real intersectional work to help lead that change. Our major cities are very diverse and firmly anti-Trump and it's only a matter of time before this manifests in real change in this state. People elsewhere who write us off as some kind of backward wasteland are in for a real surprise in the near future.

There's a lot of talent in the scene in Texas. Musically and artistically. Isaiah Castillo (from Bloodhound) and Jessie Morales (our drummer) are great artists who can do sick cover art and merch designs for your band. Marko's brother Ted Del Toro (who did the Edgegazer zines) is set to release a magazine called Drifting / Falling that will chronicle the story of Turning Point members after the band broke up and their other projects (that also happen influence Unexpressed in some ways), as well as newer elements and bands in hardcore that they influence today. It's gonna include a lot of anecdotes and photos that people haven't seen before. Looking forward to it dropping in the near future.

Also would like to plug some of my favorite newer bands and friends from California: THE SURGE, DIZTORT, WISE, PROPOSITION X, INITIATE and of course STEP-4-CHANGE

Also, if you're in Austin; You've got to hit up Arlo's and The Vegan Nom, get some sweets at Cap City Bakery and ice cream at Sweet Ritual. Those spots are all vegan, but you should try them even if you're not. They rule hard.

Thanks for doing this interview with me! See you in California this winter!




Saturday was was the longest day of the week.

I met Johnny at Blackcraft in Anaheim. Ash Costello from New Years Day was doing a meet and greet. Johnny has a huge crush on her and wanted me to roll out for moral support. The vibe was pretty chill. We waited in line for like 20 minutes. It wasn't bad at all. I was surprised at how nice Ash Costello was. Like so nice it felt like we were hanging out with one of our friends. Very cool experience! 

Afterwards we decided to head to Disneyland even though it was a million degrees outside.  We weren't expecting much from this Disney trip. Mainly because it was a holiday weekend. When we showed up it was so chill. It definitely was hot outside, but it kept most people at home. 

Johnny wanted to ride the train because he wanted to see the new additions. Surprisingly there wasn't a line. We hopped on the train. Rode it around the entire park. The heat made me a little sleepy.  

The heat was getting to us. So we decided to go on Splash Mountain. When we arrived. The wait time was 85 minutes. We decided we had nothing better to do. So we got in line. Then we remembered there was a single rider line. So we literally walked onto the ride. I got put with some random family. I sat in the back behind the dad. He kept scooping up the water and rubbing it on his shoulder. Kinda gross because he kept splashing me when he did it. Normally I would have said something, but he was so happy. I didn't want to ruin his vibes.  

Awhile back they opened up this new pathway under The Hungry Bear restaurant. I want to go down there and take some pictures. While waiting for the ideal spot to open up. Guests were paddling by us on the canoes. I heckled them as they went by. The best was when I yelled that I wanted the blondie in the back. She looked over very flattered and blew me a kiss. It was fun. Some how Johnny and I talked about my trip to Boston. I invited him even though he was apart of the original plans. He was super down. He legit bought his plane ticket on the spot. JOHNNY IS GOING TO BOSTON. For the next hour. We literally would stop random guests and cast members. Just to tell them that we were going to Boston. It was so funny. Nobody knew how to react. 

We met up with our plaid. She took us to DCA. We walked onto Guardians. It was super chill. This couple in our group for the gantry lift was on their first date. I could hear the guy asking basic questions about her life. I don't know why I was so interested?? 

On the way out we ran into my very good friend Sissy Jarrar! She had been at the tiki room getting tipsy. It was cool running into her. We definitely are going to hang soon. 

Yesterday was rare and we acknowledged it. It was a throwback to the old times. Days when we could show up to the park knowing it was going to be chill. More days like yesterday please.  

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow I'm so jazzed to post this new interview. If you like Texas. Definitely come back tomorrow!!  




August went fairly well. I can't believe September is already here!!  

Earlier I posted the long awaited Vegan tee on my instagram promoting it. I thought everything was good to go,  but when I went to go put the item for sale on here. I realized that I never got to building the product on here. So I had to take it down. It should be up by the end of today. Thanks for your patience!!  

This month has some cool things in store. I get to add another job on my Merch guy resume. I'm working High & Low fest next weekend. Which is super cool for a ton of reasons. We got the new tshirt design going up tonight. Seaway is putting out another new album. I seriously can't wait for that record. The three songs they've released off Vacation are so good. I've listened to them so much I know all the words!! Saturday September 9th is UFC 215. Johnson vs Borg. This will be Johnson's 11th title defense. If he manages to get past Borg. He will have broken Anderson Silva's title defense record of 10 defenses. This is a huge feat. Many have tried, but nobody has come this close to the record. I think history will be made.

I know I'm still fairly new to interviews, but we got another one coming in hot. I'm pretty excited for this one. If all things go right. It will be up Monday. I know I didn't post an interview last month. Trust me I tried, but things don't always work out. 

September 15th Disneyland will have all of it's Halloween decorations up!! I'm excited to have Halloween at California Adventure again!! It's been forever. I think Johnny and I are hitting up Mickey's Halloween Party on the 27th. If you're around, you guys should totally come party with us!!  

My goal for this month is to add new content on the website every day. Make sure to check all the different links for new content. It's going to be coming from all different directions. once again thank you so much for stopping by! Love you all! 




It's been years since I've watched any current anime. Earlier this year my buddy Kenyon put me on that Dragon Ball Super. Total fire. Other than that I never really knew what was new and good. I would look up random blogs here and there, but nothing really caught my interest. Or I was just too lazy to watch anything. Yesterday I we got this new guy helping out at Absolute. Somehow we got on the topic of anime. He asked me what I've watched. Named off a bunch of different anime. The two that I named that caught his attention were Chobits and Code Geass. Which was cool because nobody every know what Code Geass is whenever I mention it. I told him my favorite type of anime might be rom coms. One of my favorite anime is Love Hina. I still watch it from time to time. It still holds up. The homie suggested My Hero Academia. I had no idea what the anime was about. When I got home I watched the intro on YouTube. It definitely got me more interested. So I made a few calls. By the end of the night I had season one of My Hero Academia in my possession. I watched the first three episodes and the feels were definitely there. I'm super pumped to finish season one. I was doing some research on different anime blogs. Looking at different top ten anime for 2017. On every list I saw My Hero Academia season two. Which got me even more pumped to watch this anime. Just knowing that it made it on so many different lists. It had to be good. So I'm grateful for the homie putting me on this anime. If you have any anime recommendations, feel free to throw them my way!!

I'm trying not to think about it too much, but we're literally three days away from Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. I literally can't wait to see Conor get his hand raised. During the build up to this fight. I had to defend MMA and Conor so many times. So much that I even started to feel crazy. Granted that 99% of the people that wanted to discuss the fight had minimal knowledge on fighting. I still would give them the time. Even though they would just spew out whatever they heard or read on the internet. When I would counter with facts. They couldn't continue the conversation because they didn't know anything about fighting. It's been frustrating, but it will be nice to laugh in everyone's face. Saturday night I'm becoming Irish. I will be in my living room watching the boxing match. Where will you be? 

If for some reason your reading this and don't know about my shop. you can click the link and pick something up. It's all selling like a god church. We got new hats in. You saw me repping the new tee a few blogs ago. Those will up for sale soon! 

Once again thank you so much for stopping by!!!! 




I really don't want to jump on Jon Jones right now. I just want to wait until all the facts come out.   

What a turn of events. When I thought the dust had settled on Jon Jones. This pops up out of nowhere. 

When all the facts come out I will tell you all how I feel. Until then I urge you to not bash Jon Jones. We've seen this happen before. Someone gets flagged and then everyone just piles on. Then they get cleared and all of you who piled up. Just look dumb. Just wait for the facts.  




I guess it's very fitting that the wildest MNAD happened on the tenth one. I literally just got home  from the park. Normally I would let the dust settle and do the write up Tuesday, but tonight was one for the history books. 

Right when I parked. I got the text that we had acquired a re add for the night. Which meant we were going to walk on Guardians. It was all thanks to our plaid!! Luckily I had great timing and they were waiting for me to arrive to use the re add. I try to rush to the park, but I was at the mercy of the bus transporting me there. 

At the security check point. I was putting my belongings in the basket. Before I could even reach for my lanyard the security guard is yelling at me to take off my lanyard. I wanted to catch the fair one with him. I was being peaceful, but it really irritated me that he yelled at me to take it off. As if it was a dangerous device I was trying to sneak in. That guy needs to take two baths. 

I met with the group. Yes we actually had a good turn out for the tenth installment. While we were assembled. We had a surprise visit from Brett. Shout out to Brett for calling me out on not chilling the other day when he was at my house. All of us had little things we needed to take care of. Henry had to drive home to switch automobiles. Johnny needed a wardrobe change. I needed to take my weekly photo in front of the castle. Our plaid just waited for all of us to get out stuff done. 

I made  my way to the castle. On the way there I had this urge to call one of my favorite people on this world. Chad. He didn't pick up, but that is normal. I hope he enjoys my voicemail. I always leave a voicemail if my friends don't pick up. I arrived at the castle. It's like the Royal Rumble in front of the castle. I get that people want cool pictures in front of the castle, but it sucks so much that I have so many randoms in the background of my pictures. The first time I had the photographer take my picture. He didn't mention to me that my pins were flipped upside down. So I had to jump back in line and have him retake the photos. He apologized. I wasn't upset or anything. I just wanted a cool photo. 

Back at home base. The group assembles. We make our way to DCA. Right as we're leaving Disneyland. I spot this pretty girl wearing a Fury shirt. My future girlfriend. I shout out her shirt. She looks over and smiles. We were going to fuel up before we got on Guardians. We stopped at Nowhere Eats. I got the Obviously Nachos. By far the best thing on that menu. While we ate Johnny stepped his game up and put his money down on Conor McGregor to win the fight this weekend. War McGregor. We walked to Guardians. Probably the shortest I ever had  to wait for the attraction. Shout out to having a plaid in the group. 

We made our way back to Disneyland. All I could think about was finding Fury girl. It took some convincing, but our plaid came with me to venture out across the different lands in search of Fury girl. We hit Frontierland first. I just wanted to ride Big Thunder. We got there and it was hella packed. I got over riding it. One cool thing was seeing some Jake Paulers in line. They were rocking that merch that has been selling like a god church. We looped through Fantasyland and made our way back to home base. Two pretty red heads showed up. It was the devil trying to get me to forget about Fury girl. The vibe was pretty whack once the red heads showed up. So I bowed out. Felt defeated.. 

Just like in a movie. Fury girl was on the same bus as me heading to the Toy Story Parking Lot. I couldn't let the opportunity pass me again. So I sat next to her. I asked her if she remembers me yelling at her earlier in the day. She did! I asked her how her day was. To my surprise she said it wasn't over. She was just dropping some stuff off in her car. She asked me if I was going home. I told her I was going to go home, but now that I found her I wanted to hang. She was down. We eventually made our way back to Disneyland. It was pretty late. We just rode Astro Blasters. I whooped her so hard. No mercy. We both didn't want the night to end. She asked if it would be weird to invite me back to her hotel room to chill? I thought it wasn't weird. I figured we were just a couple of cool hardcore kids. Honestly in the back of my mind there was a thought that I could be murdered tonight. HAHA. Cool enough she was staying right down the road at the Hilton by the convention center. We go up to her room. We chat for a bit. She puts on Frozen. Earlier in the night we were talking about how it gets so much hate, but its so good. I warned her that I didn't want to get too comfortable. I fall asleep easy. Especially if there is a movie on. So we opt to sit on the couch and not the bed. Snuggled up on a Monday night watching Frozen downtown with Fury girl. I can't make this up. I should be in bed! Andy and I have a ton of shit to do in the warehouse tomorrow. She just goes for it. Straight dick diver. Unbuttons my shorts. In my mind i'm freaking the fuck out. I don't want to have sex with this girl. I just met her. She's jerking me off, but I'm trying to watch Olaf sing In Summer. She loses it. Starts crying and asking me why I'm not making any moves. I stood up. Buttoned my shorts. Gathered my things and I left. I'm driving down harbor just so sad. Thinking about how earlier the plaid told me about the three D's of Disneyland. DON'T DATE DISNEY.

What a night. I'm just glad to be home. I love all of you.  




Imagine driving up a hill heading towards your weekend stay at a mansion. You see babes on this pool deck frolicking. You think to yourself. Wow I wonder what it takes to be up there with them. Well turns out those babes were frolicking on the pool deck of the mansion you're about to stay at. I walk up to the front door nervous. A million tings running through my mind. I wasn't sure if it was chill to just walk in. So I ring the door bell. I'm greeted by beautiful brunette. I ask if I'm at the right place. She waves me in and says yes. I notice some familiar faces outside in the jacuzzi. Before I could even get to the backyard. I'm introducing myself to five girls in bikinis that I've never met before. In the backyard I meet more new people. I was a little overwhelmed. Also my mind was being blown because normally these types of things are a sausage fest. Not this time. It felt like I was in 1990 at the Wild N Wet Pool Party.

I parked in this carport on the side of the house. My mission was to find the door that led out to the carport.

I decided to explore this mansion with the same strategy I used for this other mansion I explored in Raccoon City. Floor by floor.

I walk into the kitchen to discover more girls. I was pouring myself a drink and this girl approached me to compliment my piano skills. She went on about how it was so beautiful to hear me play the piano as she fell asleep. I had to apologize because I wasn't here the night before. She insisted that it was me. She wouldn't let it go. So I just admitted that it was me. She was happy that I admitted it. Then she walked away.

There were so many trap doors and fake walls. I never found the door that led to the carport. Instead I had to cut through the master bedroom to get to the patio. Then I had to walk up a flight stairs to get to the gate that led me into the carport.

I felt famished. I remembered that there was talk of unlimited pizza in the kitchen. I made the journey back to the kitchen. This kitchen was so big. I was so mesmerized by the legit deep fryer they had. Anyway I found the pizza, but it wasn't warm. So I grabbed two slices. I was going to heat them up. But the kitchen was suddenly filled with about ten people just doing cocaine. I had to maneuver my way through these people snorting coke just to get to the microwave. It was wild. I didn't really know how to talk about the drug use. So I would just ask them if their face was numb.

I wanted to be anti social. So I went up to the theatre room. I watched Logan Paul on the huge screen. Then in walks three girl. Mind you we're all half naked. My heart starts beating. I'm thinking I'm about to have a foursome with these girls. One of them comes over and sits with me. She pulls out this gold pen. She hands it to me and tells me to suck on it. I ask what it is and she said "Heroine" super casual. She laughed and told me that it was just a normal weed pen.

After about five hours of being there one of my friends finally showed up. I had been keeping him updated on all the crazy things I've been seeing. So he was prepared when he entered the mansion. I gave him the tour of the place. Our home base in the mansion was in the abandoned wine cellar downstairs. It was nice because nobody ever bothered us in there. We eventually make our way into the pool. Word started spreading about this meeting upstairs in the club. The meeting was to gather everyone who wanted to pop a molly in unison. Everyone was respectful of me being straight edge. I wondered how everyone knew that I was straight edge. I had my shirt off and I forgot that I have it tattooed across my chest. While everyone was flocking upstairs. I noticed a pile of Thai food that was untouched. Coincidently it was my favorite type of Thai food, pad see ew. I didn't want to disrespect the food. So I had to eat it.

After swimming we worked up an appetite. Our first choice for dinner was this new restaurant Shogun. Unfortunately it closed early. So we opted on going to Benihana. We show up. I had to greet the hostess because we were getting ignored. She asked us if we were there for dinner? I was like yeah?? Then one of the managers came over and told us that they couldn't take us because it was too late. Fuck us right. So we ended up going down the road to the yard house. It was cool to hang with my friends from Orange County in my hometown.

After dinner we realized that in the entire mansion. All the beds were taken. None of us wanted to sleep on any of the couches. Plus we weren't prepared with pillows and blankets. I put the bat signal out and Nate answered the call. My fucking dude. I appreciate him always coming through with a place for me to crash. No matter what time I hit him up. He's always down. Sadly my friends and I had to say goodbye at the mansion. They were headed back to Orange County and I was headed to the other side of the valley. 

I appreciate being invited to the mansion party. That was an experience I'll never forget.




Hello! It has been awhile since we've got to chat. I had to refocus and now I'm back! I'm doing things a little backwards. I should be telling you about my crazy weekend back home, but I'm saving that for tomorrow! 

A little worn out from the weekend I was not sure that I was even going to make it out for MNAD. I couldn't let the fans down. So I showed up. One thing that made this visit a little more special was the fact that I was wearing the new merch. Peep the main image. I'm rockin the Vegan tee. I'm super happy with how it came out! It will be for sale after the photo shoot! Hold tight! 

Per usual I stopped by the magic shop. My boy Johnny Wonder was working. He immediately noticed the new merch. He wanted to buy one on the spot. Unfortunately all the stock was in my trunk. 

Can we talk about MaxPass?? Maybe it's because I've only used it in the evening. But every time I show up to the park there's nothing available from the top tier rides. Space Mountain is never an option. I normally have to pick between Big Thunder or Haunted Mansion. This week Big Thunder wasn't available, but Haunted Mansion was. Luckily it was available the first thirty minutes of me being in the park. The park wasn't too busy. I felt like I was able to walk to Haunted Mansion without having to deal with tons of people. While in line. This family saw the back of my shirt and started laughing and told me how their in laws are vegans. They asked if they could take a picture of my shirt to send to their in laws. I was ok with it. They asked me what was on the front. I told them it was Swamp Thing. They literally had no interest in him. I don't even think they knew who he is. 

When I was leaving the park I was in a rush. In the midst of me rushing out. I saw my Instagram friend Sissy! I always bug her to come over to the park when I'm there. I literally had to get out of there. I didn't even say hi to her. Later I messaged her telling her that I saw her. She said she saw me too! So funny that we both saw each other and didn't even say hi. I love it. Hopefully next time I won't be in a rush and I can stop and say hi. 

And that concludes another Monday night at Disneyland. Make sure to come back tomorrow to hear about my weekend at home! 




The last time I worked Warped Tour, it was a nightmare. I'm happy to report that working this year has been a way different experience.  

I worked the Falling In Reverse tent with my buddy Danny Luppino. Who has been getting a lot of air time on the blog. Even though he doesn't frequent it like he use to. He's still the homie though. 

We got in pretty early to set up the tent. Can I send a fuck you to the person who did Merch for them on the other select dates. Everything was in shambles. Danny and I had to organize everything and put it all back together. We literally hung up the last shirt right as doors opened. 

Usually there's an announcement from the band about a signing or a meet and greet. The band didn't mention it on their social media. So you would think that they're not having one. All their fans came up to the tent and asked us if they were having one. I'm not even joking. All day kids were coming up to us and asking. After the 500th time. I started to get annoyed. 

The only band I wanted to watch was Knocked Loose. I went with Athena and her friend. Andy and Riley met us there. I was satisfied with their performance. It was so hot though. I raced back to the tent so I could escape the heat.  

When I got back to the tent. Danny had his friend Brittney join us. She's super cool. Originally from Brockton, but now lives in the valley. Our tent served as a base camp for all my friends and coworkers. Sadly Matthew Bacchus from my group chat did not come say hi. I can't cross him off my list of people to meet from the group chat. 

This was a good experience and I will definitely be back next year!!  


After seven years I finally made it to the fair. It wasn't lit.


This morning Hellogoodbye announced this tour. I'm beyond excited for this tour. My two favorite albums being played in my favorite venue. I feel like this show is long over due. Seriously so happy it's finally happening. 

When I started my brand. I was ok with just telling people that I made shirts. But I realized that I wanted to do more. I wasn't going to put myself in this box of just making shirts. So today I'm happy to announce that before summer is over. I will be releasing a Disney inspired hat. That's probably more than I should say, but this hat will be lit.  





Hello everyone! I can't believe August is here. Summer is almost over and I can't wait!! We got a lot of things going on this month!

Today the production started on my next shirt. It's so exciting! We're printing on a new type of shirt. Shout out to the homie Danny Luppino for pushing me to print on what I want to print on. Also I got to work with my buddy Jon Ikemura on this. I pitched him the idea and he just killed it with the design. I don't want to reveal what the design is just yet, but I will give you a clue...House of Secrets #92.

This weekend I'll be working Warped Tour in Pomona. I've worked Warped Tour once before and it was a terrible experience. This time will be way better. I'll actually be with the home Danny Luppino who I shouted out earlier. Come find us at the Falling In Reverse tent. Come pick up a fidget spinner or be in my instagram story!! 

Next weekend I'll be in Palm Springs. Not visiting family, but celebrating with Absolute Merch. We're staying on this multi million dollar property. I invited a very special guest to join me. If they show up, they'll make it into the blog. :~)  

August 16th is Emily's birthday. Special shout out to her. Last summer was a memorable one. 

Finally the last weekend of August. I'll be heading back to Palm Springs with my boy Felix. We're hitting up Comic Con Palm Springs. Super sad I missed it last year, but this year we're making it happen. If you haven't picked up your tickets, I suggest you do that now!! 

Like I said, a lot going on this month. Hope all of you are as excited as I am! Once again thank you so much for the support! We'll be back tomorrow!