If I'm not mistaken this is the first Marvel Netflix series to release on a Thursday. I'm stoked that it's finally out! A lot of cool things to look forward to in this season. I'm mainly excited to get to know Jessica Jones better. I loved her in season one and in The Defenders. Honestly Jessica Jones in my opinion is the best Marvel Netflix series. I'll rate them all by series at a later time. 

Normally I would binge watch the entire season in one day, but due to the release date. I wont be able to do that today. I have prior obligations to attend to. Honestly I'm going to Disneyland with a woman. I'd like to think its in support of International Women's Day. Or maybe its just a big coincidence that I got asked out by a strong female??? I'll definitely update you on how it went down. 

Here's to another Marvel Netflix series! I feel like we're lucky we get to enjoy something so amazing. I'll check back in after I'm done with season two! 

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Well it definitely has been a minute since we've done this. This has been a real busy month! But this is not the trend for the rest of the year! I'm actually having a lot of fun typing this right now. This is the first blog that I get to use my new keyboard. I'm still getting use to these new switches. I love them though. I will never not have a cool keyboard like this again. So much  has happened I don't even know where to begin. 

I got to see George's band Mirage live. They were cool! It's always cool to know that my friends do cool shit. Support your friends. They will appreciate it more than you know. Trust me. 

The self sabotage is still continuing. I manage to get what  I want. Then I just destroy all the good. Just to be sad and want what I had. I'm crazy. I partly explained myself to a friend today. That is when they started to understand how I end up in these intense situations. I'm making a true effort to stop that. Maybe it's finally time to start enjoying myself instead of hitting reset all the time. 

DRAKE came out with Scary Hours this month. Dude is still killing it. I ignore all the hate on Drake. I love his music and he's the second best rapper out there right now. His body of work just continues to grow into something great. If you haven't yet please go listen to Scary Hours and thank me later! 

Black Mirror continues to fuck me up. This time in a good way. Hang The DJ might be my favorite episode of Black Mirror. I was really into the romantic sci-fi. Also I'm always a sucker for a good love story. Especially if it has a good ending! As crazy as that episode is. It could be the future of dating. Look at apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr. Just a couple years ago dating apps weren't prominent like they are now. All it takes is a tap or a swipe. It's almost mind blowing. So to think that a simulation to find your lover couldn't exist. Is just foolish now. 

One of the newer hardcore bands that I've been into is this local band DARE. I'm breaking news here. I'm going to interview the singer of DARE! I hope you get as excited as I do about these things haha. Expect the interview very soon!

This was just a ramble post. I'm going to be back tomorrow! Expect some cool stuff! Thanks for stopping by! Always appreciated! 







What a day! I was so amped to get to absolute. The day slowly turned into my worst nightmare. One of the best quotes I've ever heard is "A mistake is repeated until it is learned." Shout to my freshman and senior English teacher Mr. Adler. Going back to the whole Jonah Complex. I think I did it again. There some things in life that I should keep private. But I chose not to in this case. I mentioned "it" in a podcast. I heavily promote my podcast. I honestly didn't think it would reach as many people as it did. My bad. I don't take any L's ever. There are people out there that want to see me fail. When I hear about people discussing my podcast at work. It pumps me up because I like the support. I appreciate the hell out of anyone willing to take time out of their day to listen to me talk into a microphone for hours. But to talk about my podcast to people who haven't listened to it in way that isn't true. It's not cool. It's like reading a headline, but not actually reading the article. I've never had to deal with actual people talking shit about my podcast until now. If you don't like it that's totally cool, but it's sad if you have to go around and act like you know what you're talking about when you bash it. Unsubscribe if you don't like my podcast. 

Going forward this mistake will not be repeated. Like ever. 

To all of you who listen and actually enjoy it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 




Hey Keith! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. You’re in so many bands. Maniac, Restraining Order, and AmmuNation. Did I miss any?

Nope, you just about covered it. I play in a band called Machines Of Hate too but we play maybe once a year, if that, so it barely counts. And I'm honored to do this interview! You're the man!

Being that involved in hardcore is great. People like you are going to keep this scene alive. What drives your passion to do this?

Well ever since I got into hardcore I've been obsessed. Loved the music the energy and the community. I've met so many people I consider family and have been many places seeing all kinds of sick bands. It's basically a part of me now. Can't see myself ever "dropping out."

We’re at the tail end of the year. What are your top 3 hardcore releases of 2017?

I like a lot of stuff but only few really draw me in personally. Top 3 for 2017 for me would have to be Ecostrike - Time Is Now 7", Abuse Of Power - When Then Becomes Now 7" and the Diztort demo.

What newer bands from your area should we be listening to?

From my area? I'm probably gonna brain fart hard and forget some but some newer homies doing things are Vantage Point from Boston and Zero Hour from Mass/Connecticut. Can't really think of any newer bands from my area haha.

You’re very active in the Pokémon Go scene. I saw that you recently caught a Mewtwo. What’s left for you to achieve?

They have been gradually releasing generation 3 (Hoen) Pokémon so I've been trying to catch some good IV Pokémon from that as well as hit max level which is 40. I hit level 38 the other day. Shoutouts to team mystic!

There’s always a debate about which anime is the best of all time. In your opinion. What anime Is number one?

For me it's Evangelion. I've watched it a dozen times and I could get into why but it'd take up most of this interview. But yeah, definitely Evangelion for me with Berserk and Monster lingering slowly behind. I also am a huge fan of One Piece.

 I have to ask you about tour. 2018 is right around the corner. What are the chances we see you on the west coast before the end of 2018?

Well with one of my bands Restraining Order you will for sure see us there next summer. I plan on rocking out there with Maniac and AmmuNation at some point too so I'll be out there at least a couple times!

If there’s anything else you would like to plug. The floor is yours... 

You are the man. Thanks for hitting me up to do this! Keep an ear out for the Maniac LP dropping early 2018, Restraining Order 7" dropping early 2018, and AmmuNation record dropping I'm not sure when! Whoever plays Pokémon go still please hit me up. Keep doing bands doing zones doing shows and don't believe everything people post about on social media. Have your own opinion and don't hop on the bandwagon of trying hard to be offended by anything you can. Peace!





As 2017 is coming to a close. I realize that I’m overcoming this complex. I have all these goals and aspirations, but I’m always getting in my own way. At the start of the year I set some goals that I wanted to achieve. I achieved all of them except for one. That’s a win in my book. In achieving my goals. I feel like I’ve grown as a person. Which is totally cool. I didn’t exactly feel it as it was happening. But if you put beginning of the year Jamie next to end of the year Jamie. You’d experience two different people. 

2018 is around the corner and I want to continue to accomplish my dreams. I want to finally start vlogging. I want to have consistent Merch drops. I want to keep the podcast alive. Consistency is key in everything that I do. I want to improve the blog. More streams! I got to affiliate and just dropped off. I’m extending grind season to be all year. I don’t want to take any breaks. At least not until I get to where I want to be.  



This weekend has been so chill. It's exactly what I needed after the busy week I had. I had some errands I took care of, but spent most of the weekend in bed watching Sons of Anarchy. This show reminds me of when I lived in Orange with my ex girlfriend. I use to think that I knew this show pretty well, but since I've been re watching it. I realized I don't remember a lot of it. It's been fun watching it again. I'm currently in season 6. I'm sad I'm getting to the end. I guess that is normal after binge watching a show.

Today I stopped at the comic shop. I can't go on Wednesdays anymore so I now go on the weekends when I have free time. I picked my pull. I realize that I'm way behind on the current story lines. Which I really hate because I feel out of the loop with comic book culture. This week is where I start to close that gap. I hate being behind and I'm gonna catch up! READ JESSICA JONES! 

I put together a Top 10 list of my favorite records of 2017. 

  1.  Big Sean - I Decided.
  2. Seaway - Vacation
  3. Citizen - As You Please
  4. Blackbear - Digital Druglord
  5. Blackbear - Cybersex
  6. Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
  7. Backtrack - Bad To My World
  8. New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick
  9. Taylor Swift - Reputation
  10. ROAM - Great Heights & Nosedives

Some people are going to be able to agree with this and some people are going to disagree with this. So chill because this is just my Top 10. Yours might be different. Send me your Top 10. I want to know what records have impacted you this year. There is so much music out there and I know I didn't get to rock out to all the best records out there.

I'm looking forward to this weekend so much. I bet you're probably asking yourself why? Well its because CHAD AND EMILY are going to be in town!! I seriously can't wait to see them, Synthany and Colton! Literally going to be a Disney filled weekend. This also will be the first time ever I spend Christmas at Disneyland. My family is scattered for Christmas this year. Technically I was in Disneyland on Christmas two years ago. Funny because I was with Chad and Emily that year. We were there on Christmas eve and stayed until the park closed at 1:00 am. If we get technical I was in Disneyland on Christmas for an hour. As sad as I am to not be with my family. I'm happy I get to be with very special friends! 

Thanks again for stopping by! I appreciate you so much! 



The first teaser trailer for Jessica Jones!!! I'm so excited! This just kind of came out of nowhere. I'm not mad at it though. A lot has happened since the first season of Jessica Jones. I'm hoping you're all caught up with every Marvel Netflix series. This is taking place after The Defenders. Not too much is known about the plot for season two. In the trailer we do get some pretty interesting hints. 


I'm not exactly sure what shes getting back to. There are still some loose ends from season one. But I think this season she might finally dig into how she actually got her powers. It was left very vague in season one as to how she got her powers. In the trailer Trish says knowing what was done to her might help her. We get a look at the new character Oscar. A single father who moves into Jessica's building. There is a quick scene of them kissing. Honestly I'm kinda jealous. We get to see a returning character in Malcolm. He's shown as Jessica Jones is getting arrested. A cool Easter egg. Jessica Jones is in a car with some unknown person. She tells them if they say "With great power comes great responsibility" she was going to throw up on them. I love Jessica Jones. That famous line belongs to Uncle Ben. A part of Jessica Jones' back story that is often overlooked is that she use to be high school classmates with Peter Parker. They've crossed paths many times before and after they got their powers. The timeline doesn't really work in the MCU because of their age differences. If somehow that wasn't just a throw away line from Jessica Jones. This could be the biggest link between the MCU and the Netflix universe. The release date is March 8, 2018. Mark you calendars. Come over. Lets binge watch it together. Also I'm sure we'll get a ton more info before the release date. So come back for more! 




Thank you so much for your time! Can you introduce yourself and tell us your role in Fortunes Fool?

Thank you for asking us to do this! My name is Phoenix and I am the vocalist of Fortune’s Fool.

Can you explain meaning behind Filth and how you got easy money to be featured on the song?

  Self titled album art     

Self titled album art  

Filth is essentially a song pertaining to my distaste with people who involve themselves in the scene for all the wrong reasons. I’m talking about those who waltz in because they miss high school drama spicing up their lives. The assholes who hide behind hardcore because it’s the only other place they can be bullies. Those who think it’s a fashion show, a battle of the egos, the pompous individuals who use it as a social ladder. Going to shows and being a part of something like this for ingenuine reasons sort of negates the whole purpose of hardcore. First and foremost it’s about the music and how it makes you feel/how you relate, it should always be. Then of course there’s things like friendships you make within it. In my opinion its crucial to keep the vision of music itself as the most important, because the culture can and Will ruin it for you at certain points. The only thing that’s kept me in hardcore for this long is reminding myself what I was there for in the first place. Our old drummer Matthew was the main reason we were able to get Easy Money on the track because he was roommates with one of them during his time living in Arizona. I am also from Arizona so it’s super neat to have musicians from my home state be a part of something we create. Easy Money hustles and I appreciate that about them.

 I know your fall tour wrapped up earlier this month and you have Snow and Flurry next month. I want to know if you have any plans to come to Southern California?

We just hit two dates in Northern Cali on that fall tour and they were a couple of our best dates! Granted I had bronchitis and could barely do vocals, everyone was jamming and we met so many great people. It was very difficult to get anything booked in SoCal due to a lack of connections out there, so if you have any to send our way we’d be 100% down to book something once we can get our hands on a reliable van!

 Speaking of Snow and Flurry, what band are you looking forward to most on the fest?

That’s so hard to answer as I am absolutely stoked on almost everyone minus the couple bands on the bill I’ve never heard of. We’re playing with a lot of friends and it’s the tightest shit. But if I have to choose I’m gonna say Stepping Stone, Ruse, or Capitol Offense (sorry I legit can’t choose haha). We were supposed to play with Stepping Stone at Hard Times but they couldn’t make it so I’ve been ready since July to see them.

 I love the fact that Fortunes Fool is on This is CO Local, Vol.1. I love seeing everyone come together to support and help promote the entire scene. Are there any bands from your area that aren’t on the comp that we should be listening to?

Yes the CO Local Comp is genius!! Shout out to Schylar Woods for taking a step towards bridging the genre gaps. This comp gave people a chance to check out something new, and the artists on it were able to pull for one another. Y’all should MOST DEFINITELY check out Dead Set, Lockjaw, Line Brawl, Remain and Sustain, Dream Hearse, Dreamcast, Lonely Bones, and Stoic (they’re sort of local? part local part Wyoming local but y’know, still groovy). Some of them are not as currently active as others but if you see their name on a flyer go support!

Do you have any merchandise for sale online?

 Unfortunately we are trying to recover from all the mishaps on our last tour. That being said, we are completely out of merch and saving up money for another run. I will be making an online store available as soon as we can get the order in. If you give our social media platforms a like you can be up to date when all of this ensues.

 What are you thoughts on the band Fight Like Hell?

I’ve never been an avid listener of Fight Like Hell so I can’t say much but it’s quality music for sure. The older stuff I listen to is All Out War, Gorilla Biscuits, Earth Crisis, Strife, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, H20, Death Before Dishonor, and etc.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. If there’s anything you want tho plug, the floor is yours. 

Thank you again for choosing us to be on your blog, it means the world! Hopefully we can play in SoCal soon and meet ya. I’d like to play with a few bands down there, Frusrated being one of them if they are sticking it out.


I want to thank Brittany Hagood for putting this together! Group chat always coming together to get things done! Also the live shot photo is taken by Jacki Vitetta! Check out her website! Thank you again for stopping by! 




It's true that all good things must come to an end. I'm not sad that Monday Nights At Disneyland is over. I'm just happy to have been able to experience it all. Starting from nothing to packing out the park. It's been an amazing journey. I started this whole Monday Nights At Disneyland event because I wanted a consistent night at the parks. Something to look forward to. I grinded every week just to make it Mondays. I'm sorry to everyone that has been hitting me up about going these past couple of Monday Nights. I've been silent about ending the event. My choice to stop going on Monday Nights is due to a huge change in my work schedule. Monday Nights use to be perfect for me because I had Tuesday morning off. After the shift in my schedule I tried to maintain going every Monday night. It began to become more of a chore than a night of fun. I was always late and always so tired. I couldn't keep putting myself through it anymore. Once again I apologize to anyone to has been hitting up without getting a response. 

The change in my schedule has opened another night. This is exactly why I'm not too bummed about the end of MNAD. Starting Friday December 8th we'll embark on a new adventure. I'm not sure where it will take us, but I would love it if all of you who supported me on Mondays transfer over to Friday Nights with me for FRIDAY NIGHTS AT DISNEYLAND! 

Once again I can't thank all of you enough for all the support you've shown me these past 20 weeks. Without you guys i'm nothing. Goodbye to MNAD and hello to FNAD! Hope to see you all there!! 

In other news. It's a new month. That means more blogs (seriously) and now podcasts! If you're looking for something new to listen to. Click the podcast link up above!