The last time I worked Warped Tour, it was a nightmare. I'm happy to report that working this year has been a way different experience.  

I worked the Falling In Reverse tent with my buddy Danny Luppino. Who has been getting a lot of air time on the blog. Even though he doesn't frequent it like he use to. He's still the homie though. 

We got in pretty early to set up the tent. Can I send a fuck you to the person who did Merch for them on the other select dates. Everything was in shambles. Danny and I had to organize everything and put it all back together. We literally hung up the last shirt right as doors opened. 

Usually there's an announcement from the band about a signing or a meet and greet. The band didn't mention it on their social media. So you would think that they're not having one. All their fans came up to the tent and asked us if they were having one. I'm not even joking. All day kids were coming up to us and asking. After the 500th time. I started to get annoyed. 

The only band I wanted to watch was Knocked Loose. I went with Athena and her friend. Andy and Riley met us there. I was satisfied with their performance. It was so hot though. I raced back to the tent so I could escape the heat.  

When I got back to the tent. Danny had his friend Brittney join us. She's super cool. Originally from Brockton, but now lives in the valley. Our tent served as a base camp for all my friends and coworkers. Sadly Matthew Bacchus from my group chat did not come say hi. I can't cross him off my list of people to meet from the group chat. 

This was a good experience and I will definitely be back next year!!  

Jamie OrqueWarped Tour