Hello everyone! I can't believe August is here. Summer is almost over and I can't wait!! We got a lot of things going on this month!

Today the production started on my next shirt. It's so exciting! We're printing on a new type of shirt. Shout out to the homie Danny Luppino for pushing me to print on what I want to print on. Also I got to work with my buddy Jon Ikemura on this. I pitched him the idea and he just killed it with the design. I don't want to reveal what the design is just yet, but I will give you a clue...House of Secrets #92.

This weekend I'll be working Warped Tour in Pomona. I've worked Warped Tour once before and it was a terrible experience. This time will be way better. I'll actually be with the home Danny Luppino who I shouted out earlier. Come find us at the Falling In Reverse tent. Come pick up a fidget spinner or be in my instagram story!! 

Next weekend I'll be in Palm Springs. Not visiting family, but celebrating with Absolute Merch. We're staying on this multi million dollar property. I invited a very special guest to join me. If they show up, they'll make it into the blog. :~)  

August 16th is Emily's birthday. Special shout out to her. Last summer was a memorable one. 

Finally the last weekend of August. I'll be heading back to Palm Springs with my boy Felix. We're hitting up Comic Con Palm Springs. Super sad I missed it last year, but this year we're making it happen. If you haven't picked up your tickets, I suggest you do that now!! 

Like I said, a lot going on this month. Hope all of you are as excited as I am! Once again thank you so much for the support! We'll be back tomorrow!