We're live! Most of you know know that this past week I was on "vacation". It was more of a staycation. My amazing friends from Oregon flew down! This was very exciting for me. We spent our last vacation together. The best vacation of my life. It was a very positive experience. So I was happy to continue the tradition. This time we were going to be in beautiful Orange County. 

Before I talk about all the cool and exciting stuff that happened. Let me address the number one question I got  all week. I got so many DM's and emails asking who was the bae in my Instagram story?? I literally posted her twice in the entire week and it just blew up. Her name is Kylie. She is BFF's with Emily's Sister Synthany. Your boy put out some feelers and that's about it. I guess it was a big deal because I don't really post other people in my stories. But don't forget that is because I'm alone most of the time. 

Shout out to Synthany for retweeting my blogs. I appreciate your support fam!

Now that we got that out of the way...

Let's travel back in time when I use to go to Disneyland all the time with MSE. I was always there with people who I thought loved Disneyland as much as me. Present day I mainly go with people who are casual about Disneyland. Which is totally fine with me. I'm just happy that they like going. When I have hardcore Disney lovers to go to the park with. You better believe I'm going to relish every moment. It's refreshing to be with people at the park who understand and share the same love for it.

So this happened day one. Chad asked me to smuggle the ring into Disneyland.  I thought it was going to be easy. Until we were riding the escalator down to the security check point. I started to sweat bullets. They make you empty your pockets. and put everything in a tray be for you pass the metal detectors. There was a line. I started picturing the worst of the worst. The ring was in black box inside of another black box. I didn't want security to press me on what was inside. I didn't want Emily to see me carry what was obviously a box containing a ring. I didn't want to be responsible for ruining a moment we all look forward to. Luckily when we were up. Emily decided she wanted to be in front of Chad and I. By all means. I let her run ahead. Which made things so easy. She made it through security and just walked ahead. Gave me a window to make it through without her seeing what I put in the tray. The proposal was a success and I'm looking forward to the wedding!! 


We rode stuff. This is just a sample size of what we got on. Minus Space Mountain I didn't realize how uniform we were with the other attractions. Honestly Guardians is still on top. Still the best thing I've ever been on. I was so happy to finally get the The Jackson 5 song!! It was actually the first song we got. Chad and I were so hyped for it. I think it was more exciting for me because I saw how hyped Chad got experiencing it for the first time.  We definitely got hype every time we got on it though.  If you haven't been on it. Let's make plans and experience it together. 


From the Skyline Lounge to Carthay Circle. This was one of the most memorable weeks of my life. We had long days, but it was never a chore. We experienced new things and relived some of our favorite memories together. I will always be grateful for our friendship. We only get to see each other a few times a year. It's something I will always look forward to. Love you guys, until next time...



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