Oh hey! We're back with another installment of Monday Nights At Disneyland! This time we had two of my favorite people joining me, Chad and Emily! We started things off at The Golden Horseshoe. It was really hot out and we wanted to stay cool and try to avoid the summer heat! We walked up stairs to grab a table. While looking for one. We ran into Ronnie Green!! What a pleasant surprise!! I love introducing my friends to each other. We didn't have any solid plans for dinner. We decided to head down stairs to pick up a snack. Just to hold us over, until we figured out what we were going to do about dinner. I ordered chili cheese fries and a coke. Chad got the chicken nugget breasts. I should have gotten what Chad ordered. The chili cheese fries were fine, but the chicken looked so good!

Everyone thinks I have everything planned out for Monday Nights At Disneyland. I think you'd be surprised. I actually don't plan anything. I just let the magic take me. After we were finished at The Golden Horseshoe. We headed to the castle. All I really wanted was a sweet picture with my friends. I want to cherish my time with all my friends and I love to capture the moments when I can. We arrived at the castle and there were a ton of people camped out for the fireworks. We decided to refocus and snag a spot for the fireworks. We landed a chill spot in front of the castle. We had cool neighbors. Chad gets embarrassed when I ask the other guests for things. I really wanted to get the girl sitting in front of him to give us oreos. I was prepared to bust out my venmo, cashapp, and paypal. To acquire those oreos. He advised against it. Lucky for me the girls on my left and right were very generous with what they had. The girl on my right supplied me with Hot Cheetos and the girl on my left came in clutch with a phone charger. Chad was dying of laughter because he couldn't get over how I was just so friendly with them. After an hour of sitting Chad and I got up to get chimichangas. I've never had the chimichangs from Disneyland. I seen a bunch of my friends buy them. So I figured I would try something new. On the way to the chimichanga cart. We saw the specialty donuts cart. They had maple bacon bars and a chocolate bar with potato chips drizzled with chocolate and caramel. I asked the cast member to be honest and tell me when these were made. At the time it was 6:00pm and she had told me that they were made at 5:30pm. I was surprised because I didn't think that they would be making donuts that late into the day. We made it back in time for the fireworks. To our surprise it was a special edition 4th of July firework show. I enjoyed it. Made me feel proud to be an American. Really wish I could have been riding a bald eagle at the time. 

After the firework show Chad, Emily, and I headed for critter country. Our plan was to walk on to Big Splash... JK Splash Mountain. We figured it was late and nobody would be waiting in line to get wet. Half way to critter country. We look around and realize that the park didn't empty out like it normally does after the fireworks. On this night everyone stayed. It made sense because everyone had today off because of the holiday. We pressed on. There was a line for Splash Mountain, but it was a long one. Chad and I busted out our ponchos. We were literally the only ones wearing them. Everyone in line was jealous. I was just happy that we planned ahead. It felt like I had armor on. I didn't mind the attraction at all. Being able to walk off of it dry made me feel alive. 

Emily wanted to pick up a gift for her sister. So we headed to the Royal Reception Boutique in fantasyland. Emily wanted to get her sister the rose cup that lights up. Great gift for any fans of Beauty and the Beast. We were in the boutique talking about how people were paying up to $200 online for the cup when it sold out. So wild. I'm glad she was able to get it for retail. 

We had fast passes for Big Thunder. I'm not usually in the park this late. It was a treat to be able to get on late. Its so refreshing to be on a fast moving train with the moon shining bright.

Next stop was Pirates. It was a little later, but the amount of guests didn't change. I was getting a little worn out. So I decided to take a break once we got on the attraction. I literally balled up my movements crew neck and put it on my lap. I rested my head for the entire trip. It was all a blur. 

We headed back to the castle to finally take our group picture together. I was bummed because that meant that the night was really winding down. Our vacation was really coming to an end. The line to get a picture in front of the castle wasn't long, but it took us forever to get our photo. There was this family of 15 getting there photo taken. But it wasn't just one photo. They literally took a million different photos with members switching in and out. It was late and the photographers normally try to get you to take silly photos. We told the girl taking our photo that we just wanted to take a normal picture. She laughed and took great pictures of us. We didn't leave after the photo. We got on Snow White because we hadn't got on it the whole trip. Its always nice ending the night in fantasyland. 

I really want to get all sappy. I'm sitting in my room. Chad and Emily are back in Oregon. I miss them. Come back tomorrow. We'll get emotional. I'll talk about our week together. Until then. Thank you so much for stopping again. My appreciation for you guys knows no bounds. 

Jamie OrqueMNAD