Still recovering from the itis. I'm surprised I made it to the blog. That is where I've been these past couple of days. Trying to recover. It seems like forever since we've had time to catch up. All the NDA stuff had me wrapped up. Then I had to show out and support my boys in Diztort. Then I ended the weekend at the con. I'm finally back and it feels good! I hope all of you have been good! 

I always sleep on Comic Con. It's always a shit show. At the begginning of the year, I have no interest in going. I just have flash backs of the crowd of people, getting bumped by backpacks, STROLLERS, and just feeling like i'm in actual hell. Fast forward to summer after all the cool announcements for the con. I instantly regret not going. HAHA. 

I would like to take the time to personally thank Enrique for always taking care of me when I need it. Thanks boo.

Last year I went alone. Sad day. This year Felix decided to join me. Super stoked. He even volunteered to drive. Wow what a guy. Fun fact this was going to be his first Comic Con. The drive down was not bad at all. Besides all the flash backs of me and my ex and seeing a dead body. 

Felix pulled some strings and got us free valet at the Hard Rock right across from the convention center. Super chill spot. We both had our exhibitor badges on. We were able to enter the exhibit hall before it opened. We noted all the booths of interest. I only wanted to know where Bait and Capcom were. I wanted to say hi to Brian at Bait and play Marvel vs Capcom Infinite at the Capcom booth. Felix really just wanted to meet Scott Snyder. We definitely missed out on wristbands to meet Snyder at the DC booth. So we went to the other booth he was signing at. We were the first two to get tickets to the limited signing at 1:30. We showed up a little early to the signing. The girl organizing the lines informed us that DC pulled Snyder and that he wouldn't be able to make it anymore. I felt so bad for Felix because I knew that is what he was looking forward to most. Felix tweeted at Snyder about being sad about the cancellation of the signing. Snyder @ replied him and told him that he would sneak him into the big DC signing. Holy shit that was cool. It was a roller coaster of emotions, but Felix got to finally meet his god. Very touching moment. 

I'm always chasing new goals. But this one I've been chasing for awhile. I've been a fan of the cosplayer Maid of Might. I follow her on all her social media. I thought I was a huge fan, but on Sunday my fandom got checked. I've have been trying to meet her for so long. I don't count our first encounter because it was so brief. But at the past three cons and all the random Disney trips in between. She's been this unicorn to me, until this day. She announced she was doing a signing at booth 4016. I was torn on going. It felt like I was going to be apart of a high fence hunting operation. The girl i've been searching for will literally be sitting at a table waiting for me?? Eventually I decided to go. Thank you Felix for being my moral support. We show up and get sniped by this guy who brought her a present. Whatever I figured he wouldn't be there that long. Boy were we wrong. We take a lap around the exhibit hall. When we arrive at the booth for the second time. He's still there just being a chatty Kathy. Luckily arcoss the was the Troma booth. Standing at the booth was Brody King. Shout out Gods Hate. I went over to show some respect. Felix and I take a second lap. Third time at the booth and chatty Kathy is still there, but he finally leaves. I'm up. I walk up and ask if I can have a photo. Maid of MIght compliments my shirt. I take it well. I tell her how I always try to find her at Disneyland and that I'm a fan of her work. We laugh and Felix snaps this iconic photo of us. It was awesome to finally meet her, but I wasn't satisfied. I'm not really a fan of any other cosplayer to the point where I would go out of my way to meet them. I guess I just don't know if I broke protocol by not bringing a gift? I'm not trying to win her affection or anything, but I also didn't buy a print. Hmmm..I need to find a way to support. This isn't the last time we'll encounter Maid of Might. 

Mid day Felix and I left the convention center to meet up with our group chat friend, Samara. I was stoked to check off her from my list of people to meet from the group chat. Didn't really expect too much from it. Turns out she is super cool. I think I may have developed a crush on her. We went to the little Game of Thrones thing they had outside. I took a picture with some dragons. This guy working kept trying to give us all his fortune cookies. At one point I just took his tote bag from him, but he told me he needed the bag back. So I just gave it back, cookies included. We split up because we had to get back to a signing. It was cooling hanging. 

I definitely had a better con experience this year versus the last. Easily because I was with friends. I'm looking forward to the next con which is in a couple of weeks in Palm Springs. My old hood. Roll out and support everyone! 

Thank you for always stopping by. It will never go unappreciated. Dab on your haters. Buy Logang merch. Wait go buy my merch. Tuesday I will announce the new shirt I'm dropping. Until next time!!