I was at work when my buddy Felix post about the new Turnover song. Immediately I opened my Apple Music and searched for the new song "Super Natural".

Listening to this the new song. I was happy. I loved that it still had that Turnover sound. I guess it's cool not to like Turnover anore, because they're more successful?? I don't get it. I love this band and that won't change with their growing success. People were complaing about how it sounded like it could be on "Peripheral Vision". Everyone loved that record. So I don't get where the hate is coming from. I guess I could see where people don't want to hear the same sounding record from a band. I argue that Turnover found their sound in "Peripheral Vision". If you take a step back and look back at the Ep, Split, and Magnolia. None of them sound like Turnover now. I love every thing they've put out. I'm not gonna be mad at them for writing records with their current sound. Maybe after Good Nature they'll progress into a new sound. Who knows?

Instead of rying to bash something good. I say, you should just enjoy the new song and the record when it comes out. Oh and catch them on their full US Tour this fall!! 


Jamie Orque