Last night was magical. It’s the moments in time that you live for. 

I was exiting Adventureland right into New Orleans Square. Somehow we managed to get the perfect spot for Fantasmic. The Pirates of the Caribbean scene blew me away, but right after was the new Aladdin scene. I instantly got teary-eyes when they started singing A Whole New World. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. Like I ride for that movie so hard. It just makes me sad that there’s not a bigger Aladdin presence in the park. Ok let’s jump back to the beginning of my trip. I just had to get that first part out.  

I knew going in that the night was going to be hectic. We had two major celebrations in one night. It was the return of Fantasmicand the 62nd birthday for Disneyland. The ride in from the Toy Story lot wasn’t bad. I parked and the bus was waiting for me. Getting into the park was a breeze.

I stopped at the magic shop because I like to pay my respect to the real ones. I caught up with Johnny Wonder. Even brought him a gift. The sun was setting and I always like to get a picture in front of the castle.  

Walking down Main Street was pretty chill. I remember thinking about how not packed it was. When I arrived at the castle that’s when I realized things were getting grim. Normally there’s a Disney photographer placed strategically in front of the castle. Last night there wasn’t. So I just walked through Fantasyland to get to Frontierland. I was on the hunt for a Fantasmic AP holder shirt. I was foolish to even think they’d still have them in stock that late in the day. I checked Frontierland and New Orleans Square. Both places were sold out.

As I made my way back to the magic shop. That’s when it hit me that I was in a cluster fuck. It was so packed. The worst part was the random people just stopped in the walk way. Either confused or just standing texting. It just blows my mind that they’re ok with causing traffic. Eventually I made it back.

Surprise! For the eighth installment we have our third official guest. I mentioned him earlier. Johnny Wonder joined me in the parks after his shift was over.

This was exciting on multiple levels. We walked out onto Main Street during The Main Street Electrical Parade. Whenever I see the parade I have flashbacks to when I was in the Magic Kingdom on the best vacation ever. Shout to my fam in Oregon. We had to wait to cross the street. Johnny asked the cast member where the Ratatouille coaster was. The guy looked so puzzled. I could tell that he was trying to figure out if we were serious or if we were fucking with him. Eventually Johnny told him we were just kidding. Then he complimented my Code Orange basketball jersey. I was stoked on that. Didn’t have too much time to talk after that because it was time to cross.

We wanted to ride Haunted Mansion. So we cut through Adventureland because we wanted to avoid the Fantasmic traffic. This is where the first paragraph takes place. Eventually we make it to the haunted mansion. The wait time was thirty minutes. Not bad at all. Johnny and I talked about the 45th anniversary when the family got to stay the night in the mansion. As cool as it would have been. I pictured it to be way different. There’s a video of it on YouTube. I guess I thought they just left you alone in the mansion to free roam while the ride was running. If I got to pick. I’d want dinner in the actual ballroom. I would want to sleep in the seance room. Drink tea while I walk down the hallway leading to the doom buggy’s.

Afterwards we decide to call it a night. The park was still super hectic. We both just wanted to get home. All in all it was another great Monday night at the parks. Thank you for joking us on our journey. Like always you’re more than welcome to join me on Monday nights!



Jamie OrqueMNAD, Fantasmic