My quick impression of the season premier. I don't think it could had a better opening scene. Arya killing off House Frey was so satisfying. They all got what they deserved for betraying the Rob Stark. "When people ask you what happened here, tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey."

I'm also glad to see Jon Snow stand up for what he believes even though Sansa believed he was wrong. Remember growing up Catelyn hated him so much for being a bastard son, but it wasn't his fault.

Also when The Hound is staring into the fire. He says the word MOUNTAIN. Could this finally be the season we get to experience The Clegane Bowl!?!? I really hope so. Or maybe it would be sweet to save it for the last season.

Dany can add a castle to the list of free shit she's gotten since season 1. I guess it pays to be hot. Seriously though. I love that she walked right past the throne and straight to the board of Westeros and asks Tyrion "Shall we begin?" I'm so hype right now. The next seven weeks are going to be amazing. Check back here after every episode for my hot takes.

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Jamie OrqueGoT