Hey we made it Friday! I hope all of you had an amazing week! Tonight was pretty chill. I stayed in for most of it. Completing my first full week back at work has been exhausting. I think mainly because I worked on my only day off. So it's just been piling on all week. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow I'll be at D23! Sadly I'm going alone again. Thinking back to that last time I went. I was alone living in Brea and I made the trip down to the expo. If you see me, come and say hi! I'm looking forward to playing Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. I really want to try to play with Iron Man and hopefully be able to flow with that character. I was really disappointed with Iron Man's build in Marvel vs Capcom 3. I'm also looking forward to Marvel Studios announcing some cool stuff. Maybe a sneak peak of Captain Marvel? Or maybe some Netflix news? 

Sunday is finals day at EVO! I'm really focused on Street Fighter V! I'm rooting for my friend Nacho to take the whole tourney. Shout out to Nacho for making it out of his pools today. Other notables that I'm  rooting for are Jwong, Snake Eyez, Idom, and Punk. I always get so hype for EVO, but I never attend. Don't worry though. Nacho and I already have plans to attend together next year! I'm already grinding hard for 2018. 

I always want to change up the content. Give all of you something different to expect whenever you show up. I've been working hard behind the scenes. I'll pull the curtain back just a little. I've done two awesome interviews this week. I seriously can't wait to post them for you to read. I hope you're enjoying my interviews so far!! Thanks again for stopping by. Until next time fam....


p.s. Dinner with my roommates is so chill. I'm loving the vibes over here at House Calendula.  

Jamie OrqueEVO