I'm literally supposed to be at Disneyland right now. On my way to the park. I realized that I didn't have my normal shoes. So I had to come home to get them. I also had a wardrobe change. Then I just go real comfy in my bed. Took like a twenty minute nap. Finally got the energy to get dressed. I walked out to my car. Got in my car. Started my car. But I didn't pull out. I just sat in my drive way. Trying to convince myself that I was going to have so much fun. As the advertisements for signing up for satellite radio played in the background. I thought about what I really wanted to be doing. Laying in bed with Kylie watching New Girl. Or in my suite at the chateau practicing for evo. I decided to cancel my plans for going out tonight. I haven't had a night to just chill in a long time. No disrespect to anyone that I spend time with. It's just that I want to maximize hang outs all the time. On top of my hectic work schedule. I never take time to recover. It's always forward pressure. So tonight I'm staying in. You know you're always welcome to come over. I'll be here in House Calendula. 

Jamie Orque