Photo courtesy of All Elbows


I'm at work trying to defend Conor McGregor again. Everyone thinks that Floyd Mayweather is going to win. Which is fair. Only because they don't know a lot about MMA. If they knew Conor McGregor like I did, they would understand.

Today was the first press conference for this world tour. It was interesting. Not as crazy as I thought it would be. Some cool things that happened. 

Conor wore this "Fuck You" suit to the press conference. Custom made. I wonder what Floyd Mayweather thought about his suit. Clearly Conor was sending a message. It was interesting when they would show Conor on screen the whole arena would erupt in cheers and clapping. Whenever they would show Mayweather everyone would boo. Clearly LA is McGregor territory. 

My favorite quote to come out this press conference is "I don't fear him. I don't fear his limited set. This isn't a true fight. If this was a true fight it wouldn't take one round," McGregor said. People keep putting McGregor down for not having a professional record and praising Mayweather's 49 - 0 boxing record. If you pull up all of Mayweather's opponents, none of them are MMA fighters. To firmly say that McGregor is going to lose and just brush off his skills is just foolish. McGregor is a Martial Artist. It's a lifestyle. Mayweather is a boxer only when he has a fight scheduled.


Jamie Orque