I really do apologize for not posting yesterday. I was banking on posting this interview that I did, but it didn't happen. So we're back today. This will be one of two posts that will go up today. 

As you know yesterday Monday Nights At Disneyland took a day off. We have a ton of prep to do for our D23 coverage and the return of Fantasmic that following Monday. We appreciate your patience.

Yesterday I got home and had plans to take care of a ton of stuff. I got rekt. I didn't know why I was so tired. I passed out in my living room watching videos on YouTube. I woke up and went straight to my room. Figured I would make up for loss time. Instead I just jumped in bed and passed out again. I woke up and tried to figure out why I was so tired the night before. I chalked it up to going out late on Sunday?? I went to Disneyland and went to a movie. Nothing crazy. Maybe I'm still adjusting to coming back from vacation.

Last night my roommates and I planned on making cookies. Obviously I didn't because I got rekt. Word didn't get back to Timmy Boy. So he showed up to house with a fresh jug of milk asking us where the cookies are. I felt so bad. It's ok because we're going to make some tonight 100% On my way home from Absolute I picked up ingredients to make fresh peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. 

A lot of you guys we're asking where my UFC 213 recap was. I had this whole thing typed up, but the last part I needed was the result of the fight. But the fight didn't happen. So I just scrapped it. They're going to reschedule the fight. I will make sure to do another write up when it happens. Shout out to Robert Whittaker for winning the interim Middleweight belt. I think he will defeat Michael Bisping for the undisputed Middleweight Championship.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I'm so pumped to go to the comic shop. I haven't been there in two weeks!! This doesn't happen very often. I have some catching up to do. Support your local comic shop. Go out tomorrow and pick up something new! 

Jamie Orque