Photo by Esther Lin

Photo by Esther Lin

I want to preface that I'm a huge fan of Conor McGregor.

I believe there are three key things to ensure that Conor McGregor will never return to the octogon again. 

Last night one of those key things happened. Jose Aldo the last king of the featherweights was dethroned. Yeah I know you're all screaming "HE GOT DETHRONED BY MCGREGOR!!" But it was a flash knockout and that doesn't say much. Flash knockouts leave so many questions unanswered. Mcgregor didn't grant Aldo the rematch he deserved. So that put the division on ice while Mcgregor went up in weight to capture the lightweight title. 

Now that the featherweight has a new champion in Max Holloway. Someone who McGregor already beat. There's no reason for McGregor to return to that weight. Let's be honest though, he was never coming back anyway. 

Holloway could come up with a million reasons why McGregor should come back down and let him try to avenge that loss. But I feel like he was never going to come back down anyway. Aldo was the money fight for McGregor in that division. Holloway ruined any hope of that happening. 

The last two key things are more than likely to happen. So until the next one happens. Stay tuned!!  

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