Last night I drove out to my first weekly for Street Fighter V. I literally did it on a whim. I was sitting in my room just playing ranked. Ranked is fun, but I feel like I'm not getting any better. So after winning a couple matches I just decided to go to the Dropkick Events weekly. 

Driving out I wasn't too nervous. I figured I had a realistic gauge of my true skills in Street Fighter V. So it was just cool to finally be able to put them to the test.  

I walked into the building and signed up. Everyone was super friendly. That made the situation a lot better. Everyone was asking me where I heard about them from. I told them Nick on twitter. Shout out to Nick. I checked out all the set ups. They had Injustice, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter V. I sat down at the only open station. The guy playing was very friendly. His name was Etai. He asked if I wanted to play. I was down to warm up. When we hit the character select screen. He picked the same character as me. We are both Laura mains. I expressed to him how much I hated the mirror match. He laughed. Playing him was great. I won the first couple of matches. We discussed strategy and match ups. It was awesome because we were able to do that after the match. I'm use to playing online where that doesn't really happen. I got great intel from him and I hope he got some from me. 

The tournament started at 9:45. I called up for my first match. My opponent was Smooth Operator. He played Vega against me. I honestly felt like skill wise I was better than him. But he managed to pull of the victory. Nice guy. We talked about the turning points in the match. Looking forward to playing him again. My second match was against a Guile player. Sorry I forgot your name. Once again I felt like I was better than him. But I just kept making dumb decisions when I should have been making the smart ones. I lost that one too. 

Overall I wish I didn't go 0-2. But those two losses made me hungry. I'm gonna play all week and go next week and just try to improve. Let strive to not go 0-2 next time. Slowly but surely I will grind and I will improve. I want to be great at this.  

Jamie OrqueSfv, Dropkick