It's true that all good things must come to an end. I'm not sad that Monday Nights At Disneyland is over. I'm just happy to have been able to experience it all. Starting from nothing to packing out the park. It's been an amazing journey. I started this whole Monday Nights At Disneyland event because I wanted a consistent night at the parks. Something to look forward to. I grinded every week just to make it Mondays. I'm sorry to everyone that has been hitting me up about going these past couple of Monday Nights. I've been silent about ending the event. My choice to stop going on Monday Nights is due to a huge change in my work schedule. Monday Nights use to be perfect for me because I had Tuesday morning off. After the shift in my schedule I tried to maintain going every Monday night. It began to become more of a chore than a night of fun. I was always late and always so tired. I couldn't keep putting myself through it anymore. Once again I apologize to anyone to has been hitting up without getting a response. 

The change in my schedule has opened another night. This is exactly why I'm not too bummed about the end of MNAD. Starting Friday December 8th we'll embark on a new adventure. I'm not sure where it will take us, but I would love it if all of you who supported me on Mondays transfer over to Friday Nights with me for FRIDAY NIGHTS AT DISNEYLAND! 

Once again I can't thank all of you enough for all the support you've shown me these past 20 weeks. Without you guys i'm nothing. Goodbye to MNAD and hello to FNAD! Hope to see you all there!! 

In other news. It's a new month. That means more blogs (seriously) and now podcasts! If you're looking for something new to listen to. Click the podcast link up above! 

Jamie Orque