Hey Keith! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. You’re in so many bands. Maniac, Restraining Order, and AmmuNation. Did I miss any?

Nope, you just about covered it. I play in a band called Machines Of Hate too but we play maybe once a year, if that, so it barely counts. And I'm honored to do this interview! You're the man!

Being that involved in hardcore is great. People like you are going to keep this scene alive. What drives your passion to do this?

Well ever since I got into hardcore I've been obsessed. Loved the music the energy and the community. I've met so many people I consider family and have been many places seeing all kinds of sick bands. It's basically a part of me now. Can't see myself ever "dropping out."

We’re at the tail end of the year. What are your top 3 hardcore releases of 2017?

I like a lot of stuff but only few really draw me in personally. Top 3 for 2017 for me would have to be Ecostrike - Time Is Now 7", Abuse Of Power - When Then Becomes Now 7" and the Diztort demo.

What newer bands from your area should we be listening to?

From my area? I'm probably gonna brain fart hard and forget some but some newer homies doing things are Vantage Point from Boston and Zero Hour from Mass/Connecticut. Can't really think of any newer bands from my area haha.

You’re very active in the Pokémon Go scene. I saw that you recently caught a Mewtwo. What’s left for you to achieve?

They have been gradually releasing generation 3 (Hoen) Pokémon so I've been trying to catch some good IV Pokémon from that as well as hit max level which is 40. I hit level 38 the other day. Shoutouts to team mystic!

There’s always a debate about which anime is the best of all time. In your opinion. What anime Is number one?

For me it's Evangelion. I've watched it a dozen times and I could get into why but it'd take up most of this interview. But yeah, definitely Evangelion for me with Berserk and Monster lingering slowly behind. I also am a huge fan of One Piece.

 I have to ask you about tour. 2018 is right around the corner. What are the chances we see you on the west coast before the end of 2018?

Well with one of my bands Restraining Order you will for sure see us there next summer. I plan on rocking out there with Maniac and AmmuNation at some point too so I'll be out there at least a couple times!

If there’s anything else you would like to plug. The floor is yours... 

You are the man. Thanks for hitting me up to do this! Keep an ear out for the Maniac LP dropping early 2018, Restraining Order 7" dropping early 2018, and AmmuNation record dropping I'm not sure when! Whoever plays Pokémon go still please hit me up. Keep doing bands doing zones doing shows and don't believe everything people post about on social media. Have your own opinion and don't hop on the bandwagon of trying hard to be offended by anything you can. Peace!


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