This weekend has been so chill. It's exactly what I needed after the busy week I had. I had some errands I took care of, but spent most of the weekend in bed watching Sons of Anarchy. This show reminds me of when I lived in Orange with my ex girlfriend. I use to think that I knew this show pretty well, but since I've been re watching it. I realized I don't remember a lot of it. It's been fun watching it again. I'm currently in season 6. I'm sad I'm getting to the end. I guess that is normal after binge watching a show.

Today I stopped at the comic shop. I can't go on Wednesdays anymore so I now go on the weekends when I have free time. I picked my pull. I realize that I'm way behind on the current story lines. Which I really hate because I feel out of the loop with comic book culture. This week is where I start to close that gap. I hate being behind and I'm gonna catch up! READ JESSICA JONES! 

I put together a Top 10 list of my favorite records of 2017. 

  1.  Big Sean - I Decided.
  2. Seaway - Vacation
  3. Citizen - As You Please
  4. Blackbear - Digital Druglord
  5. Blackbear - Cybersex
  6. Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom
  7. Backtrack - Bad To My World
  8. New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick
  9. Taylor Swift - Reputation
  10. ROAM - Great Heights & Nosedives

Some people are going to be able to agree with this and some people are going to disagree with this. So chill because this is just my Top 10. Yours might be different. Send me your Top 10. I want to know what records have impacted you this year. There is so much music out there and I know I didn't get to rock out to all the best records out there.

I'm looking forward to this weekend so much. I bet you're probably asking yourself why? Well its because CHAD AND EMILY are going to be in town!! I seriously can't wait to see them, Synthany and Colton! Literally going to be a Disney filled weekend. This also will be the first time ever I spend Christmas at Disneyland. My family is scattered for Christmas this year. Technically I was in Disneyland on Christmas two years ago. Funny because I was with Chad and Emily that year. We were there on Christmas eve and stayed until the park closed at 1:00 am. If we get technical I was in Disneyland on Christmas for an hour. As sad as I am to not be with my family. I'm happy I get to be with very special friends! 

Thanks again for stopping by! I appreciate you so much!