The first teaser trailer for Jessica Jones!!! I'm so excited! This just kind of came out of nowhere. I'm not mad at it though. A lot has happened since the first season of Jessica Jones. I'm hoping you're all caught up with every Marvel Netflix series. This is taking place after The Defenders. Not too much is known about the plot for season two. In the trailer we do get some pretty interesting hints. 


I'm not exactly sure what shes getting back to. There are still some loose ends from season one. But I think this season she might finally dig into how she actually got her powers. It was left very vague in season one as to how she got her powers. In the trailer Trish says knowing what was done to her might help her. We get a look at the new character Oscar. A single father who moves into Jessica's building. There is a quick scene of them kissing. Honestly I'm kinda jealous. We get to see a returning character in Malcolm. He's shown as Jessica Jones is getting arrested. A cool Easter egg. Jessica Jones is in a car with some unknown person. She tells them if they say "With great power comes great responsibility" she was going to throw up on them. I love Jessica Jones. That famous line belongs to Uncle Ben. A part of Jessica Jones' back story that is often overlooked is that she use to be high school classmates with Peter Parker. They've crossed paths many times before and after they got their powers. The timeline doesn't really work in the MCU because of their age differences. If somehow that wasn't just a throw away line from Jessica Jones. This could be the biggest link between the MCU and the Netflix universe. The release date is March 8, 2018. Mark you calendars. Come over. Lets binge watch it together. Also I'm sure we'll get a ton more info before the release date. So come back for more!