If you listened to the podcast you know that I’ve been on vacation from Frito. It’s been a wacky week. I kept my alarm clock on all week. I didn’t want to disrupt my sleep schedule. I’ve been waking up, but I just go back to sleep. Only because I know that I didn’t have to be up for work. Last night I did research to improve my stream setup. It’s crazy how technical streaming is at the level that I am. I thought it was just as simple as plugging in your hardware and opening up your streaming software. I was definitely wrong, but it’s been fun learning something new. Tonight I’m going to LA to see Blackbear with my coworkers. I feel weird calling them coworkers because I’m friends with most of them outside of work, but this is kind of a team building thing. I’m pretty stoked. The last time I saw Blackbear I didn’t realize how big he was. I remember being upstairs at the House of Blues in Anaheim. At one point the entire Show floor was bouncing up and down while screaming along to the song. It was so loud they drowned out Blackbear. I’m in awe and I can’t believe what I was witnessing. I look around at my friends to see if this is affecting anyone else the same way it was affecting me. I lock eyes with Riley and we just kinda nodded because we both knew what we were seeing was fucking wild. I’m hoping tonight is as fun as that night. Andy got called out by madeinTYO. So weird. I’m pretty sure we’re only staying for Blackbear. I plan on going to Disneyland when we get back to Orange County. Meet me there. Let’s do something magical. 

Jamie OrqueBlackbear, Disneyland