Yesterday I met up with one of my internet friends at Disneyland. I don't like to categorize my friends, but at the time I only knew Steve from being friends on the internet. Funny thing is we were supposed to hang two weeks ago. He was going to be in California for the first time for a Kaiju event. By some weird chance the time he was going to be out here, I was going to be in New York. We were both kinda freaking out how funny our timing was. We literally just switched places. Cool enough he let me know that he was coming back in November to hang at Disneyland. Fast forward to yesterday. 

Steve invited me to join him and his friends for breakfast at the Paradise Pier Hotel. I don't like to be late to anything. I really didn't want to be late to our first hang. Lets pause for a second. As I'm typing about this I just keep having flashback to Andy Weaver making fun of me for wanting things to be on time about Dapper Day. Oh yeah there is a Dapper Day blog that I've been sitting on. I''ll eventually post it. Back to the story. I pulled up on time. I met Steve in the gift shop of the hotel. He introduced me to his friends Garrett, Joanna, and Meg. Everyone was really nice. This was their first time to Disneyland. Their excitement for things made me so happy. 

Breakfast was so good. I literally just ate a ton of chicken and rice. I don't know how it fit into the breakfast menu, but I wasn't mad at all. Our server was the best. Made sure I always had a full cup and was taking our used plates away like a ninja. I don't really seek out photos with the characters, but that was a thing for Steve and company. We took some pretty cool photos at breakfast. I have all of them except the one that got printed. Steve if you're reading this send it to me please!!!

 You know the drill when we go to Disneyland. It was pretty early and the chances of seeing Johnny were pretty low. To my surprise he was actually working. I introduced him to my friends. I also dropped off my phone for him to charge. I passed out the night before and didn't charge my phone. Thank you for that Johnny.

MaxPass is god tier. I'm so happy that they had it. We used the hell out of it. It made our day so chill. We booked a fastpass for Indiana Jones. I was super stoked on that because it is my favorite ride and it was going to be their first time riding it!! We took a group picture in front of the partners statue. Joanna made the call for us to throw up our X's. So cool that all the dudes are edge. They had a list of characters they wanted to get a picture with. On the list was The Mad Hatter and Alice, The Evil Queen, and Mickey. 

First up was The Mad Hatter and Alice. The Disneyland app said  they would be at the snack stand in Fantasyland. We legit show up to the snack stand in Fantasyland and they're nowhere to be found. I use my knowledge of being to the park a million times and try to remember where I've seen them before. My suggestion is to wait by the Alice in Wonderland ride. We walk over and are looking in every direction and they're still nowhere to be found. All of a sudden I feel like I'm in an MMO waiting for a boss to respawn. Boom out of nowhere The Mad Hatter and Alice appear on the teacups!! We wait for them to get off. They ride it twice, but ninja dodge us. We kinda gave up on them because the park was super packed and they were on the move. 

The Evil Queen is reported to spawn near Pixie Hollow. We post up, ready to get the first kill. I spotted The Evil Queen heading our way from Snow White's wishing well. We dash over before it's too late. Steve and Meg got there in time. Joanna literally was the last one to get a photo. It all happened so fast. She just handed me her phone and I snapped what I could. While riding the high of being able to cross her off the list. The Mad Hatter and Alice appear with nobody else in sight. We couldn't believe it. They were so generous with their time. We all got to take cool photos with them. 

The last on the list was Mickey. This was a little easier than the others because he was stationery. The only thing with him was we didn't know which Mickey we were going to get. I had my money on Wizard Mickey. To our surprise it was Mickey from Steamboat Willie!! We were all pretty stoked. That one caught us off guard! 

We rode Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Winnie The Pooh, Big Thunder Mountain, It's a Small World, and Haunted Mansion. I felt like we had a solid line up of rides. A really nice mix of the park. 

It was a long day at the park. We spent twelve hours there! I enjoy those days though. When I pull a day like that, it's because of something special going on. Meeting Steve was only the second time in my life that I met a friend off Instagram in real life. It was such a pleasure hanging with Steve, Garrett, Joanna, and Meg. Even though it was their first time hanging out with me. They were so cool and made it feel like we had been friends before. I hope all of had a blast in California and hope to see you guys soon!!! 

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