I'm so happy to be back! It was hard missing last week, but I'm glad the gang held it down without me! 

Taryn wanted to meet up in the magic shop per usual. Only this time we didn't linger like we normally do. I was ready to go out and just embrace the park! Taryn wanted to ride Astro Blasters. I'm always down for that. This time Taryn wanted to sit alone. She really wanted to dual wield. Riding with Brett is normal for me. Props to Brett. He smashed my score. I normally beat him, but that was his night. Taryn had a very important business call that she had to make. Brett and I sat down near the churro cart in Tomorrowland. We noticed this really pretty girl working at the churro cart. I told Brett he should go ask her for directions to her heart. LOL he didn't do it. We decided to go into the launch bay to meet Chewbacca. On the way a group of kids yelled "Moose Blood" at me. They were reacting to my hoodie. I was pretty stoked on them yelling at me. I don't know, but they were so excited. I just dabbed for them haha. 

Taryn really wanted to go on Autopia. I normally don't like that one, but I was down. Whenever I ride Autopia. I just think about how cool it would be if there was no track and you were actually driving the car. Obviously there is a ton of reasons why its not like that. I just like to dream about it. When I get grounded and realize that I'm sitting in a semi fake car. About to drive a course that has already been plotted out for me. Its hard to get up for it. My way to deal with it is. I just keep my hands off the wheel. I put the pedal to the metal and just drive. At times it can be pretty bumpy, but when you hit that smooth stretch. Its almost liberating.

Taryn wanted to pick up this bat lolipop for her mom. We made our way to Main Street. Walking out of Fantasyland we noticed that it had begun to snow on the castle. We stopped by to snap a cool pic. Most of you saw that I snapped a picture and tagged this girl. I got flooded with questions asking me what the deal was. She's just a friend. Also a brat. We got to the Candy Palace. We thought for sure that they would have it, but they didn't. Some how the night before Halloween they sold out of bat lolipops. We were told that DCA still had some, but the joke was on us because that park had already closed. 

Taryn really wanted to try the Green Apple Lemonade from the Galactic Grill. It sounded good! I didn't end up getting one. I just got a cheeseburger and a coke. I missed having real American food! I don't know how we got on the topic, but I shared a story about this girl who came to visit me at the comic shop. It was a whack story, but I'm happy my friends listened. 

At this point I was getting sleepy and so was everyone else. We decided to call it. While walking out of the park it started to rain. I was concerned about my pins getting wet. I took them off and shoved them into the front pocket of my hoodie. It didn't get too crazy, but just enough for people to act like it was some crazy storm. Legit families were camping out under the bridges on Mainstreet and even underneath the monorail track. I'm surprised I didn't see one umbrella. I think it was because the rain snuck up on everyone. 

It's sad to think that next MNAD most of the Halloween decorations will be gone. Until next  week! Stay Disney!

Jamie OrqueMNAD