I invited five friends to the return of the annual Halloween Party. Only one showed up. Thank you Taryn for always being a real one.  

Last year we took the year off because we were still trying to settle in from the big move. We were pretty pumped on the return. I want to give a shout out to my roommates for holding down the house and transforming it into Halloween wonderland. I admit I did very little when it came to decorating. Not by choice, but lack of time.

Taryn texted me that she had a surprise for me. I just assumed that it was a gift. I lagged on texting her back and going out to the party. Timmy came to my door and told me that my “girl” was here. I assumed he was talking about Taryn. Everyone always thinks that we have a thing. Still lagging. Dalton comes to my door. I open it and he said that Taryn and Lauren were here and they wanted to see me. I didn’t really process it. As I was closing my door. I pull it open and asked Dalton to repeat what he said. I was surprised to hear that Lauren was in my house. Hearing that lit a fire under me to actually get ready. 

I felt like the bell of the ball walking out of my hallway into my kitchen. Everyone was so stoked on my costume. I went to talk to Taryn and Lauren. I was stoked because I hadn’t seen them since before I went to Boston. Taryn exited the conversation. I think she did that on purpose so I could have some alone time with Lauren.  

Lauren and I were sitting on a bench in my kitchen. I asked her why she had a change of heart about coming to the Annual Halloween Party. She went on to explain how she ended up at the party. Most of her plans with her friends fell through. So coming to the Annual Halloween Party. It was basically her Plan F. I’m glad she was showed up, but I wish I was her priority.   

Back in my room. I hear a knock at my door. The best surprise of the night. Garret showed up! It was such a pleasure to have him over. It got me stoked to be at the party again. We went out and socialized with everyone. Drunk Sam even hung out with us. 

I wanted to take cool pictures with everyone. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a picture with everyone. I’ll post all the ones I got later.  

I hope that everyone that came over had a good time. I was happy with how it turned out. I hope all of you can make it next year!!  

Jamie OrqueHalloween