Monday Nights At Disneyland XVI


Its Taryn here keeping MNAD alive while Jamie is tearing up the East Coast. We had a few new people to the group last night aside from Brett and I. We had my roommate Kelly, and Dalton who as of last night is now a pass holder. Hopefully he will be joining us for more MNAD.

First things first, it is hot as balls in SoCal. We rolled up to the park at around 7:15, and it was still 93 degrees out. Dalton had to buy his pass. Kelly really wanted to see the Halloween décor at California Adventure, her and I tried to go last Thursday and it closed early for a special cast member event. Once we got in there we showed Kelly and Dalton the Halloween decorations all lit up, and looped them through Cars Land. Neither of them had ever been on Guardians yet, so we got to the line and it said 108 minutes. It was about twenty minutes before the park was closing so, the cast members at the front of the line were saying it would only be about 40 minutes. We were all definitely skeptical. but lo and behold, we were in and out in less than an hour. They loved the ride, everyone was screaming and having a good time.

We hopped on over to Disneyland, and all I really cared about was getting a Dole Whip. So after a brief stop at the Magic Shop for Brett, we walked on over to check out the line. Instantly I was bummed, because the back line was closed and the main Dole Whip line was all the way back towards Jungle Cruise. So we went on a search to find Kelly a turkey leg instead and take a photo in front of the castle. The stand for turkey legs by the castle was wicked long too!! I was shocked! We paused to go take our photo, and then the hunt continued. Finally, we found a short line for the legs by Matterhorn.

 a girl and her leg

a girl and her leg


By then, Brett, Dalton, and I worked up an appetite so we walked on over to the restaurant formerly known as Tomorrowland Terrace because I had remembered there was a sick vegan option there before. Once again disappointment struck because they had literally NO vegan options there anymore. Struck down twice for tasty treats. We decided on Pizza Port because you can never go wrong with pizza. I made my way over to the pizza area and special ordered a personal pizza with Daiya cheese(because how cool is that) and got some breadsticks.

Once we were all full, we decided to stop at Star Trader to check out some cool Star Wars merch before we called it a night. They have so much cool stuff for TLJ in there!! It made me so excited for the movie. I can't wait to cry with all my friends when we see it opening night.

On the bus ride back to the Toy Story lot, there was this cute ass, chubby cheeked baby who kept making eyes at me. I decided to indulge her and make some faces back. Instantly she was stoked. The rest of the bus ride we exchanged silly faces, until we inevitably parted ways.

That's it for Monday Night At Disneyland XVI! Thank you Jamie, for letting me write this and I look forward to a less warm night next week, if I don't melt before then.


Taryn Dallas