Last night I attended my second Edge Day show in Boston. I was pretty pumped because this time I wasn’t alone!! I pulled up to the show with Timmy. My buddy Keith was waiting for us downstairs. It can be weird going to shows outside of your local scene. Luckily Keith was there to make us feel comfortable. It was kinda of expected to get the stares from the locals. Especially that night. The turn out was low due to some drama. Everyone knew each other so Timmy and I stuck out like a sore thumb. I know Keith from being in the same group chat. It was really cool to finally meet him in irl. We’ve said that if we lived closer we would be way better friends. That’s another friend that I can cross off my list of friends to meet from the group chat. Keith is in a ton of bands. Two of them played that night. Maniac was sick, but Violence To Fade killed it. Out of all the bands that played that VTF sounded the best. I was so happy to finally catch them live. Keith told me that he would be making his way out west sometime in 2018. I’ll be looking forward to that.

Last night we ate at Wahlburgers. Everything was going good. We all pretty much finished our food. Lounging in our booth and bullshitting. Suddenly Timmy spots a rat. He watches it run from the kitchen to the last booth in our row. At that point as a collective we decided to never return to this establishment.

Our Airbnb is OP. We’re throwing a party Monday night. Pull up.

Tomorrow is our last full day of vacation. We’re spending the day in Salem! I’m pretty excited for this. I hope it’s as pretty as all the pictures I’ve seen!!

Jamie OrqueBHC, Wahlburgers