New York



I spent the past two days in New York.

Day one. We arrived at our Airbnb in east Harlem. The main entrance to our building was open. There was a man working on the awning. As I’m walking in he shouts at me “Where are you going?” We tell him we have a Airbnb here. He said “Oh you’re on the second floor.” I guess everyone knows that there’s an Airbnb in the building. I wasn’t expecting a five start hotel experience, but our Airbnb was trash. The walls were paper thin. We could hear our neighbors in the next room. This girl was literally on the phone for an hour. It was as if she was in the same room as us. Really annoying.

First timers in New York. We wanted to try authentic New York pizza. Tommy looked up a spot in Manhattan.  We were pretty excited for this first experience. When we arrive at the spot. We were all a little confused. I think we were expecting something a little more rundown. This place was lit up and a little more fancy than we were expecting. The pizza wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t what we were looking for.

Time Square was on all of our lists of things to do. Growing up I would see it in movies and on tv. It was surreal to be there in person. So many giant screens with various advertisements. Shout out to the amazing Shadow of War as running. One thing that caught my eye was the NYPD Counterterrorism team that was placed in the middle of Time Square. Made the threat of a terrorist attack finally feel real.

Day two. We felt a little more comfortable in the city. We rode the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island and back. It was cool to start the day off with something chill. I got to see the Statue of Liberty in person. That was kinda cool. Reminded me of X-Men.

Timmy wanted to visit the Trinity Church Wallstreet. It was one of the oldest cemetery’s attached to it. When I was walking through the cemetery. I couldn’t believe that some of the headstones were real. They looked so brittle. I just pictured myself getting chased by zombies and having to spin kick my way through the headstones to get away. I popped in the church. I wanted to pay my respects to the big man upstairs. I sat in the main hall for a bit. Then I went to the private prayer room. I spent some real time in there.

We got lunch at some random flea market. Shout out to Jerk Off The Grill for having the best jerk chicken and the best name on that block. Also picked up some German food. It was tasty.

One thing I didn’t want to do was visit the 9/11 memorial. I still have skeptical hippo eyes when it comes to events of 9/11. But the group wanted to go and in the end I’m glad I went. I thought about all the videos I’ve seen. I tried to picture what it would have been like to be there when it all happened. It hurt my heart to think about everyone that lost their lives that day.

Johnny loves the movie Gangs of New York. He wanted to go to the five points. It’s different today than back in the day. We stumbled upon this historical tour that was happening. So we just joined the group and got a cool run down of the history of five points. Surprisingly china town was the next block over. I got pretty excited. I knew that China Town Fair was there and I had to visit it. Walking to and through china town. Felt like we were on the back lot of a movie studio. It just didn’t feel real.

China Town Fair. So much history. I remember when they use to hold Next Level Battle Circuit there. Walking in I could feel the energy of the past. It was stuck in those brick walls. Yeah the arcade it littered with a bunch of crap arcade machines, but I respect the history. I was honored to have been able to experience it.

Central Park was also on everyone’s list of things to do. I know so much cool shit has been filmed there. The one thing I wanted to see was the fountain where they filmed Enchanted. Nobody cares about Enchanted, but I’m such a Disney nerd I had to go there. I sat on that fucking fountain and watched the entire Central Park scene. It felt so magical. I love being in Central Park and I love Enchanted!

The night was winding down and we were starving. We stopped at this spot around the corner from our Airbnb.  It was another pizza joint. I got a slice of pepperoni. But this place was also serving fried chicken. You know I had to try it. I got two pieces over rice. I’m gonna be honest. The pizza was trash, but the chicken was the business.

Day Three kinda. The days of taking Uber’s is over. We got a rental car. We had two things left to do before we left New York. We stopped in Brooklyn to eat at Best Pizza. This was our third time trying to find good pizza in New York. I want to shout out the homie Frank Pinello for serving us literally the best pizza we had in New York. Afterwards we drove to the Amityville horror house. The neighborhood was beautiful. I wish I grew up there. So many houses decorated for Halloween. When we got to the house. One of the neighbors was walking out of his backyard. He was doing labor on the house. I waved and said hello. He looked at me. Shook his head and said “GO AWAY” that killed my vibe. He called some friends over. They were talking shit about us loudly to him, but never said anything to our face. I didn’t want to start any trouble. We just came to see the house.

Leaving New York is bittersweet. I had fun, but we’re heading to New Haven, Ct. until next time!!

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