Yo we made it! Every time we get together. I think about the number of times we’ve done this. It’s so awesome that we’ve built this thing from the ground up. 

You know we always start the night with visiting my boy Johnny Wonders. He was a little out of it. He had a long day. He started early today because his shop was being featured in the official Disneyland magazine. If you’re a cast member make sure to look out for that.

I have this weird affinity for Astro Blasters. Maybe it’s because I use to suck at it. I decided to put in the work and I can confidently say that I’m good at that game. Wait times are usually on the low end. So it’s cool to just start things off with that. We ride it so much that I can test new strats. If you’re ever feeling lucky on a Monday night pull up and put your score to the test.  

A lot of people pulled up for dinner. We packed out Rancho del Zocdalo. Like literally a line out the door. That spot is cool because everyone can eat there. Vegans and non vegans. Brett and I dipped out early. It’s always nice meeting the fans, but things were getting wild. Thank all of you for joining us for dinner! 

One of the hidden gems in Disneyland during the month of October is The Halloween Tree. There’s a ton of things to get excited for. I just like to give this one a little extra praise. Don’t go looking for it during the day. Wait until the sky is black and the moon is out. It’s the only way you can see it and fully appreciate it. 



I have never missed a MNAD. It saddens me to let all of you know. Next week I will not be here to participate in MNAD. Don’t fret! I’m entrusting Brett and Taryn to keep it going! In my absence they will be holding it down. I know most of you are wondering if there will be a blog next. You bet your ass there will be. For the first time ever. Taryn will be a guest writer! She will have a blog up for next weeks MNAD! I’ll be gone, but I’ll be looking forward to reading that!! 

As always, thank all of you for stopping by! It means so much to me! I appreciate all of you!! Until next time!! 

Jamie OrqueDisneyland, MNAD